1stPayPOS Empowers Merchants With Additional Payment Options in Version 2.1.3 Update.

Fort Worth, Texas – April 23, 2014 – First American Payment Systems announces that the latest software update to 1stPayPOS® will provide users with a variety of improvements over the previous update, including the ability to accept multiple payment cards on a single sale.

In addition to allowing businesses to accept multiple payment cards, users of 1stPayPOS® Version 2.1.3 will now also enjoy added features to the gift card function, such as the ability to manually enter gift card numbers to assist in sales or returns using a gift card, or in the activation or reloading of gift cards.

"The pace at which 1stPayPOS continues to evolve and introduce helpful new merchant tools clearly demonstrates the dominant role that First American plays as one of the payment industry's key solutions providers," said Rick Rizenbergs, Executive Vice President. 

Currently available through the Apple App Store, 1stPayPOS® empowers business owners with an affordable tablet point-of-sale solution that is capable, high-tech, and fully-customizable. 1stPayPOS® is powered by 1stPayGateway.

About First American Payment Systems
First American Payment Systems, L.P., based in Fort Worth, Texas, is a payment processor that provides comprehensive electronic transaction processing services for more than 140,000 merchants throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to credit, debit, and EBT card processing, First American offers a complete line of proprietary business solutions, including 1stPayPOS® tablet-based point-of-sale system, M+Terminal® mobile solution, Secur-Chex® check services, FirstAdvantage® gift cards, FirstPay.Net™ e-commerce solutions, FirstFund® ACH software, Govolution® government e-payments, national ATM sales, and Merimac Capital® point-of-sale equipment and ATM leasing. For more information, visit http://www.first-american.net.

About 1stPayGateway
1stPayGateway developed the 1stPayPOS® iPad point-of-sale system to enable small-to-medium sized businesses to grow and better manage their business.  1stPayGateway also provides end-to-end encryption technology, payment gateway tokenization, mobile payment solutions, and payment & donation pages to reduce PCI scope and credit card acceptance risk. Find out more at www.1stPayPOS.com and www.1stPayGateway.Net, or call 888-417-8729. 

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