What does big data mean in the context of payments?

Businesses have access to a wide variety of valuable information about their customers, but the best payment processors make it easier to limit this search to the data that truly matters. The concept of big data has equipped organizations in multiple industries with new opportunities to gather specific information about any aspect of their operations. With the right analysis, these data points can create a gateway to smarter strategic decisions and new ways to improve revenue.

The payments industry isn't exempt from the benefits of big data. While the kind of information that matters to merchants may be different from those of other enterprises, a more-informed company in any industry can pave the way for a variety of operational improvements. However, because big data is used in so many forms, merchants and independent sales organizations must be sure they understand the most important points to look for before leveraging the benefits of the best payment solutions.

Big data for merchants isn't necessarily complex
MarketingProfs recently shared an infographic compiled by Kapow Software that highlighted the many opportunities to access big data in the business environment. For example, enterprises have the opportunity to analyze a wealth of information related to social media, internal documents, applications and other sources. The online publication PYMNTS.com argued that in the payments industry, the most important information for merchants has to do with basic customer behaviors and preferences. The website suggested that turning purchase history into a form of shopper intelligence can lead to stronger revenue in the future.

Retail payment processing or additional point-of-sale solutions for businesses in other industries make it easier for managers and employees to isolate this data put it to good use. Knowing where to look will always provide an advantage, but the right technology eliminates the complications of processing this information to inform strategic decisions. 

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