It can be a challenge to stand out amongst other competitors within the merchant services industry. That’s why having excellent customer service and technical support can greatly differentiate a provider from other key players when comparing merchant services. With so many other merchant services providers offering similar products and solutions, the best merchant services companies earn their reputation by offering superior service to customers.


At First American Payment Systems, relationships are our main priority, and we put your needs first. We are an industry leader, ranking as one of the best merchant service companies and as one of the top privately-owned merchant acquirers in the United States.


What Makes Us One of the Best Merchant Services Companies?

What sets us apart when comparing merchant services companies are some of the following key benefits:


Commitment To Excellence 

For nearly a quarter of a century, ISOs and merchants across the country have put their trust in First American Payment Systems. With a highly-accomplished senior management team and a philosophy built around a superior customer experience, reliability, and honesty, you can count on us to help you grow your business and deliver high quality payment solutions. As a way of preserving the integrity of our relationships, we make every attempt to go above and beyond what is expected when you compare merchant services.


Exceptional Customer Service

We have an around-the-clock award-winning U.S.-based call center that is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, via email or our toll-free number to help you or your merchants with any service or technical issues. Our knowledgeable, highly-trained staff offers prompt and efficient service, so that you can focus on growing and managing your business. In addition, what makes us one of the best merchant services companies is that we offer the highest level of service in the industry, with many of our call center staff being bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.


ATSI Call Center Award

For the fourth year in a row, First American Payment Systems has won the Association of TeleServices International’s (ATSI) coveted Call Center Award of Distinction. The Call Center Award of Distinction was created 13 years ago, to recognize overall quality in the call center industry for the best merchant service companies. Following a six-month test, an independent panel of judges selected First American Payment Systems after reviewing candidates for response time, courtesy, etiquette, accuracy, proper call techniques, and customer relationship management (CRM).


Hands-On Help

Whether you are a new or established ISO, First American has the resources in place to assist you every step of the way when compared to other merchant service companies. Our various support teams assist sales partners with onboarding and maintaining merchant accounts, and help merchants download, install, train, and troubleshoot equipment.


Compare Merchant Services with First American With Others

Our dedicated client relations consultants provide training, assistance, and strategic advice designed to increase your profitability and expand your business, based on your goals. Our consultant’s support and help you maximize your revenue and assist in the management of your merchant accounts. Comparing merchant services at First American with other providers, it is clear to see that we offer some hard-to-find benefits for our ISOs.


At First American, our customers and sales partners are our number one priority. We pride ourselves on our outstanding award winning customer service and technical support, making us one of the best merchant service companies in the industry. Let us help you with all of your payment needs and gain the customer support you deserve. Contact us today!