For any Independent Sales Organization (ISO), knowing the product that you are pitching and having confidence in how your product can benefit your customers are your most valuable sales tools. When registered and non-registered ISOs partner with First American, it is our priority to provide merchant support that will help our ISO partners learn about the functionality of First American’s payment processing solutions and how to most effectively market our products and solutions to a wide variety of small to medium sized businesses.


These unique merchant support services are what differentiate First American from other payment processing solutions providers. Our ISOs receive collaborative marketing discussions and training that can be built to incorporate payment technology insight into their existing marketing strategies or by creating a fully-customized training and marketing plan.



Merchant Support for ISO and MSP Registration


Facilitating ISO and Merchant Service Provider (MSP) onboarding helps expedite the sign-up process and can help ISOs launch payment processing solutions quickly and seamlessly during the rollout of new payment technology. The First American onboarding includes a complete branding package for both registered and non-registered ISOs of all sizes. Providing this initial merchant support to our ISO’s helps them identify the range of payment solutions that they can offer and how those payment processing solutions can fit into their current growth strategy.


Both registered and non-registered ISOs can receive First American branded marketing and support material as well as collateral that is uniquely customized to the exact needs of each organization. The personal, hands-on ISO merchant support throughout the onboarding process along with the accessibility of First American’s ISO Client Relationship Team help make a positive difference during the process of initiating a new partnership.



Payment Processing Technology & Software Training


Sales superstars will be the first to tell you that the element that can make or break a sales force is the salesperson’s familiarity, comfort, and confidence in the product that they are selling. With the ever-evolving and changing world of payment technology, it can be daunting for sales professionals to fully understand and speak confidently about the latest payment processing solutions and software technology in the market.


Because of the constant updates made to payment technology, proper merchant support and sales training on these products are imperative. First American’s account management and partner relations experts provides sales teams with product insights, tips, tricks, and updates as well as a tool to teach them the best sales practices when dealing with this kind of innovative technology.


The training tool that First American provides can be used to directly train sales teams or can serve as a training tool for a designated instructor who can then help to translate payment technology tools to be incorporated into an overall sales team training strategy. This will best utilize your sales team’s existing knowledge base and help them to better explain how payment processing solutions and technology can work for existing and new clients.



First American’s One-on-One Marketing Support


Collateral marketing material and design assistance is also offered when ISOs offer First American’s payment processing solutions to their clients. This merchant support helps ensure that sales teams can make a great first impression and that their marketing materials and leave behinds are informative, polished, and professional.


These marketing materials can be standalone pieces or can be integrated into your existing ISO branding. Your sales team will also have immediate access to the First American one-on-one Client Relations Team who can answer any frequently asked questions as well as troubleshoot any hiccups in the initiation process.


This marketing merchant support includes access to resources for both sales team members and clients for any technical support as well as questions specifically related to the nature of the client’s business.


A large part of this marketing support is customizable and unique collateral which can be designed for each ISO’s needs and branding messaging. While many of our competitors simply provide a generic onboarding welcome kit with non-specific collateral, First American prides ourselves on a true partnership that includes a customized welcome kit that addresses the needs and growth of the specific partner in question.


With all of this training, registration and marketing support provided to your entire sales team, you will be able to confidently incorporate these innovative payment processing solutions, products, and services in your wide range of business solutions.


To learn more about the marketing, training and registration merchant support available to your ISO, click here.