Now, more than ever, developers rely on integrated payment technology to enhance their products and differentiate themselves in a constantly evolving market. As customers continue to shift from cash to electronic payments, developers face new challenges in offering integrated payment solutions that are intuitive, reliable and secure.


Payment technology like our 1stPayBlaze developer tool solves this challenge by offering a robust but customizable payment platform with tools that are easy to implement, so you can get to market more quickly and maximize revenue with effective payment solutions.


This REST API is available in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP and WCF for wider adaptation and adoptability. 1stPayBlaze payment technology also includes merchant application tools that help streamline sales cycles and speed up new merchant onboarding.


Payment Technology That Makes Payments Quick and Simple


One of the biggest advantages of this sort of developer tool is that it can allow merchants of any kind to accept retail, online and mobile payments using an advanced REST API available in multiple languages. With a code library available, developers can drop in provided snippets of code to enable payment acceptance within their software. The REST API can be leveraged to meet the specific needs of the partner’s business as well as the demands of their customers.


Because of these easy and adaptable payment solutions, merchant sign up is incredibly easy. The ability to offer everything, from a simple web form to a full API, enables quick enrollment of merchants of all sizes and types.


Payment Solutions that Speed up the Process


1stPayBlaze payment technology utilizes SaaS Full Stack REST API which includes an easy to navigate website with simple instructions, sample code and attributes to reduce total development time for integrating payments. This allows you to push the payment solution to market quickly and take advantage of increased revenue opportunities.


In addition, 1stPayBlaze payment technology enables quick and easy merchant onboarding, which is essential for maximizing profitability. The ability to onboard merchants quickly and efficiently with tools ranging from a simple hosted form to a full API sets 1stPayBlaze apart from its competitors, many of whom do not have the functionality to onboard merchants with such ease.


Payment Technology with Powerful Financial Reporting


There is no doubt that data and analytics play a huge part in the growth and success plan for a business of any size. With both portfolio and merchant reporting capabilities, 1stPayBlaze payment solutions offer clean and concise data that can help set performance goals as well as create customizable reports.


The portfolio reporting functionality of this payment technology includes real-time processing data from customers as well as regular status updates on new and pending merchant applications. It also contains the ability to track and extract residual data for reporting purposes. In addition, pricing models are customizable and can help forecast income, cash flow and suggest how to maximize revenue.


On the merchant reporting side, the FirstView portal gives merchants full access to detailed reporting features and statements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users also have the ability to “drill down” into transaction data to discover details about each individual transaction.


Easy navigation and a customizable view help merchants quickly tailor the merchant reporting tool to their individual needs. With our comprehensive payment solutions, alerts for account notifications can be established to keep merchants informed in real time. Monthly processing statements are also available as part of the reporting functionality.


Whether you are a seasoned developer or a software owner looking to expand your product and differentiate yourself in the marketplace, this powerful payment technology can revolutionize the way that you grow your business with payments at the forefront. Contact us today to learn more about our payment solutions.