Analytics are one of the most powerful tools that are available to the proprietor of a business of any size. Real time reporting and analytics gives business owners access to up-to-the-minute data which shows how successful advertising campaigns have been, monitors the performance of their competitors and even discovers how much revenue is made from new customers versus existing customers.


These tools can even tell the business owner which days of the week they experience more robust sales versus the days when their sales tend to slump. So, it makes sense that you want your payment technology to incorporate great reporting and analytics capabilities.


The ability to use this real-time payment technology data to cater to the preferences and spending habits of customers can be vital in helping a business grow. Tools like these can also help a business maintain and improve their online reputation as well as quickly resolve customer service issues or complaints.


Growing Your Business with the Power of Data


Sometimes the most overwhelming aspect of business data is knowing how to analyze the information and figuring out how to use that data proactively. Analyzing such data can become confusing, tedious and time consuming. That’s where powerful and intuitive payment technology such as 1stPayInsight can save the day.


It combines multiple sources of data including sales statistics, online reputation alerts, social media interactions, customer spending trend data, comments and reviews, as well as insight on the performance of your competitors. This helps present a rich picture of how your business is performing against your competition as well as your own set goals.


The Importance of Online and Social Media Reputation Management


The online reputation of a business can make or break them when they are trying to establish themselves or grow their presence in the marketplace. Negative reviews, inattention to customer questions or complaints and missing or outdated information such as hours of operation, location and phone number can cost businesses an untold number of sales which can be disastrous.


Not only can a negative or sparse online and social media presence chase off new customers and potential sales, it can also deter return business from previous customers. But maintaining and improving the online reputation of a business is much easier with 1stPayInsight payment technology.


Put Insights to Use with Cutting Edge Payment Technology


All of this information and raw data is handy to have, but what do you do with all of it? 1stPayInsight payment technology gives business owners simple and proactive tools and actions that they can use to improve their performance, both in sales growth and online reputation. With a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, the tool notifies users of recent online activity regarding their business and offers them an array of options to take such as replying to positive reviews or following up on customer inquiries.


With this guidance, businesses can ensure that they are always aware of their social media standing and can even use the sales analytics included in the payment technology to cater their social media campaigns and online offers. Accessible on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, 1stPayInsight payment technology offers business owners the ability to see the real-time results of their hard work and gives them the tools to maintain and expand their positive online presence.


The ability to harness the power of social media, along with the availability of sales data makes it possible for users of 1stPayInsight payment technology to always be proactive when it comes to monitoring their revenue and can offer them guidance to help increase that revenue through data-based actions and goals. Click here to learn more about 1stPayInsight.