As an ISO, you need the right solutions and payment technology that will streamline your business. Our partners trust First American Payment Systems because we offer the latest payment services technology, as well as mobile payment technology that all combine to create lucrative revenue opportunities.


One of the most important needs for an ISO is the onboarding of merchants easily and quickly. By partnering with First American, you can gain access to FirstOnBoard - a complete online merchant payment technology and onboarding tool that allows you to add merchant applications securely.


By incorporating FirstOnBoard, you will gain a scalable solution that offers a variety of services. Take a look at this beneficial payment technology solution and some of the key features FirstOnBoard includes:


  • Submitting digital merchant applications
  • Tracking application statuses
  • Setting up instant alerts


With FirstOnBoard, you can speed up your production by getting merchants to sign up digitally. Having the capability to obtain digital signatures and automatic application submissions will keep your sales moving and help with reducing paperwork and pends. Throughout the entire onboarding process, you will be able to track the progress of applications via text or email alerts and receive confirmation of all submitted applications. FirstOnBoard will give you more time so you can focus on new sales opportunities and increasing your bottom line.


ISOs can also create online applications that merchants can fill out directly with the use of our 1stPayBlaze payment services technology. We offer an easy to use drop-in web form for rapid sign up of new merchants or a full API for total control and customization. Applications are submitted for approval and within 24 hours, your customers can begin to use our payment technology to process their payments.


Ready to get started with FirstOnBoard? Contact us today for more information.