Having comprehensive and secure payment solutions is crucial in today’s busy and fast-past environment. At First American, we offer a wide range of payment solutions that are built within our comprehensive and secure payment platform, 1stPay. The 1stPay secure payment platform is the perfect solution for a variety of industries and vertical markets and provides scalable features that allow you to add, customize and enhance payment solutions.


Take a further look at the robust qualities 1stPay offers:


Flexible and Modern Payment Solution

We have invested significant resource to ensure our 1stPay secure payment platform provides the right functionality, security, and flexibility to meet the specific needs of our partners and merchants. From multi-merchant locations, large businesses, and small to medium businesses, 1stPay has the essential tools and scalability to easily accept secure payments.


Innovative Features and Products

Included within the 1stPay platform is the all-inclusive suite of payment solutions accessible for in-person, mobile, online, and virtual payments in addition to our integrated payment solutions for software developers, partners and ISVs.


High-End Security

1stPay was built with the latest security features in mind. Our security tools within our 1stPaySecure package are incorporated in each solution offered on our platform.


Features include:


  • PCI Compliance: Protect your business from a data breach. Our compliance experts help and assist you with the right tools to ensure you become compliant.
  • EMV®: Keep your business and your customers safe from card-present counterfeit fraud. Allow us to do the heavy lifting of EMV certification.
  • Tokenization: Gain the right technology to secure credit card data. Tokenization replaces confidential information with non-sensitive data, preventing fraudsters from obtaining personal cardholder data.
  • Point-to-Point End to End Encryption (P2PEE): All confidential credit card information is encrypted so fraudsters can’t access personal data.


Interested in how our 1stPay platform can support your payment solution needs? Contact us today and learn more!