It has become increasingly apparent that merchants must evolve their ability to accept and process payments across as many technology platforms as possible. Not only does this enable merchants to bring in more customers who may prefer to pay for good or services with payment processing solutions that are not currently offered by the merchants, it also helps reach a wider pool of potential future customers. First American is here to help with a variety of merchant services and solutions to meet your needs and those of your customers.


Let’s use Bill’s BBQ as an example. Bill opened his barbecue restaurant two years ago and his business has been steadily growing in popularity, thanks in part to his family’s secret barbecue sauce recipe, for which Bill’s is famous. Currently, Bill’s only accepts cash or credit cards for in-restaurant purchases, but Bill is interested in expanding his business to include participating in local pop-up events or perhaps buying a food truck. There’s even been talk of Bill bottling and selling that secret family recipe barbecue sauce, along with other merchandise, on his website. With these added customer touchpoints come added payment processing needs – which is where innovative merchant solutions from First American can help solve Bill’s problem.


With omni-channel payment processing solutions, Bill can continue to accept credit and debit cards in-restaurant while also gaining the ability to utilize mobile payments for pop-up events, street fairs and food truck festivals. He can even process payments when customers order his barbecue sauce online with our innovative merchant services. It’s the easiest way that Bill can ensure that he will continue to grow his business without missing out on sales due to his inability to process a wide variety of payment types.


What Is “Omni-Channel Processing”?


Omni-channel payment processing solutions, sometimes also referred to as multi-channel payment processing, is a way to ensure that all the diverse payment options that are available to a merchant are available across all sales channels and devices so that customers can shop the way they want to shop. Merchants can discover and cater to a previously untapped customer base by expanding their payment options with innovative merchant solutions from First American.


Instead of retroactively adding payment processing solutions in response to feedback or lost transactions, being proactive about expanding payment options and a payment strategy means that a business can more effectively meet and anticipate the payment needs of their customers. This can lead to increased revenue and the ability for that merchant to be more competitive in a crowded marketplace.


In addition to added income and positive cash flow, omni-channel processing offers standardization and consistency across all payment channels. This ensures seamless and secure payment processing regardless of how the customer prefers to pay for goods or services.


All-in-One Customer Support


Another benefit of this omni-channel payment processing is a consolidated merchant care experience by selecting one payment vendor to work with across the various channels. Multi-channel payment processing solutions can sometimes present the possibility of having to troubleshoot individual payment channel issues such as online payment issues when in-store payments are working. In a situation like that, imagine how much easier it would be to troubleshoot and resolve issues if you had the ability to reach out to one single merchant support service.


When a merchant consolidates their payment processing channels into one streamlined umbrella service, they are able to more quickly diagnose and address issues which may affect the speed and efficiency with which they are able to process a customer’s payment. This leads to fewer headaches for the merchants as well as a safer and more secure payment experience for their customers.


More Choices Means More Transactions


When it comes to being on top of the innovative payment processing solutions and the newest forms of payment technology, ignorance is not bliss. Merchants may not be fully aware of how many transactions that they are losing to their competitors because of their hesitance to embrace omni-channel payments.


The good news for merchants is that adopting omni-channel payment processing is simple and painless. First American can quickly assess the current channels which a merchant is using and develop a strategy to integrate and implement additional channels into their suite of services without any down time or security risk.


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