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First American now offers contactless solutions to support Near Field Communication (NFC), such as Apple Pay™, making it possible for you to accept payments in a whole new way. There are many great benefits to contactless payments, such as faster checkout times, increased security and increased revenue.


Apple Pay


How does it work?

Apple Pay utilizes your iPhone®, NFC technology, Touch ID™ and a Secure Element chip to make paying easy with just a wave of your iPhone.


What are the benefits of Apple Pay®?

It offers you and your customers benefits such as:

  • Less time spent on the register thanks to one-touch checkouts.
  • More secure transactions in part to no card data shared.
  • Increased revenue by offering payment options your customers are looking for.


Which of our solutions incorporate Contactless Payments?

Many of our solutions incorporate NFC technology, enabling you to accept Apple Pay. However, our primary NFC solutions are the Xion 2.0 and Xion 2.5.