Head out shopping for a day and you'll see a few businesses that say "Chip or EMV coming soon" or there will be a piece of paper stuck in the EMV slot indicating it's not working yet. This clearly illustrates there are many businesses and software programs that need to make a switch to EMV payment processing. It can be hard to determine how to integrate EMV into software or a business model.


So how can a business or software development company get EMV quickly? That's when businesses should turn to a trusted payments provider.


At First American, we offer a semi-integrated EMV solution that integrates with your software and removes the need for full EMV certification. We have done the heavy lifting of certification for you. Our integration team walks through the integration process very carefully, ensuring it’s done correctly and efficiently and answering any questions you may have along the way.


Take a look at our infographic for the 4 steps to EMV integration. Contact us today to get started immediately.