You have probably heard it. Many businesses are waiting for EMV technology but there are bottlenecks within the payment industry presenting the deployment of this new technology.  And you perhaps have seen the sign at many businesses that says “No chip card acceptance” or “EMV coming soon.” 


The transformation to EMV technology has caused challenges in the marketplace and is forcing payment companies to react now more than ever. Required EMV certifications for EMV-capable products from processors and acquirers have caused significant delays in the payment industry, leading to integration and certification bottlenecks that have slowed down the deployment of EMV-capable solutions. As a result, many partners and merchants still lack the applicable software for their EMV terminals and cannot accept chip cards until their POS equipment has the necessary EMV certifications. 


The certification timeframe can differ, with full certification on average taking 8 months for complete integration. This is problematic, as merchants who are currently pending certification for their EMV solutions are still held responsible for any instance of credit card fraud in the interim. 


At First American, we offer a semi-integration solution that seamlessly integrates quickly with your software and removes the need for full EMV certification. Our semi-integrated solution allows partners to integrate EMV quickly and easily. We have done the heavy lifting of certification for you, allowing you to deploy EMV sooner rather than later. Our experienced integration team walks you step-by-step through the integration, ensuring it’s done correctly and efficiently and answering any questions you may have along the way.


Our solution leverages a software development kit for coding to our EMV device manager. The device manager is software that sits on top of the POS and manages both the routing and data flow of EMV transactions, as well as the logic that is needed to run additional types of transactions such as a void or refund. An attached terminal handles the processing of the transaction instead of the POS application, keeping the merchant out of PCI scope the majority of the time. 


This technique helps reduce liability, eliminates the need for costly EMV card brand certification, and increases overall security. Typical integration time for our solution is only around 80 hours depending on allocated resources.  


Needing to deploy EMV quickly? Contact us today to get started immediately.