Now more than ever, developers are challenged to create cutting-edge software that is reliable and secure within their respected vertical markets. With so much of their time dedicated to developing software, many developers tend to overlook other solutions that could improve their product and make it more attractive to customers, such as payments integration. When adding 3rd party payment processing software, developers look for technology that is quick and easy to integrate within their existing software. 


Understanding 3rd Party Payment Processing Solutions
At First American Payment Systems, our integrated payments solution is perfect for developers who are looking to seamlessly integrate payment products in a matter of weeks. We offer 3rd party credit card processing and make it easy for software developers to add payments into software. Our tools are also supported with the latest security solutions so you developers and software owners remain worry-free knowing all payment integrations will be completely secure for your customers. 

We offer the following suite of integrated 3rd party payment processing tools:


  • Payment Integration – We offer a comprehensive selection of solutions that can be integrated like 3rd party credit card processing for as debit, credit, NFC, mobile payments, online payments, recurring payments, ACH, and more.
  • Semi-Integrated EMV Solutions – Our REST API provides the ability to certify to our device manager in order to bypass the lengthy EMV certification process while minimizing PCI scope. Allow us to do the heavy lifting of EMV certification for you.
  • PCI Compliance – We ensure you are compliant when integrating 3rd party payment processing and provide you the tools to minimize your PCI scope.
  • Secure REST API – We offer developer tools in multiple languages that include a knowledgebase for easy coding. 


3rd Party Credit Card Processing Has Built-In Security
Each of our products and solutions always meets the highest standards of functionality and security and are all developed in-house. Our 1stPaySecure product includes advanced security tools that are built within an all-in-one platform that will protect your business, your customers, and your credit card holders. Our extensive products, including our 3rd party payment processing solutions for our ISOs, contain the latest security including fraud prevention tools, data breach protection, PCI Compliance tools, and point-to-point- end-to-end tokenization and encryption. 


Offering Technical Support for our 3rd Party Payment Processing Solutions
We provide an entire technical implementation services team that is available to assist before, during, and after all development is finished. At First American, we offer a test environment, test devices and keys, and additional tools to certify that your coding is completed correctly and the 3rd party payment processing solution setup is correct. We ensure that you have successfully integrated our payments module and ensure you will have no issues accepting payments within your payment processing software.


Ready to integrate payments within your software and grow your business? Contact First American today.