How long have you been with First American and what is your role?

I have been with First American for two months and serve as the Director of ISV. My focus is to promote communication between our field reps and our ISV development department to achieve the best integration solutions for our partners. It is easy for technical needs to be lost in translation; I am here to help keep projects on task, set realistic expectations, and ensure communication is on point throughout the integrations process.

What motivates you?I have always been driven to succeed, so waking up early and going to work is never an issue. Although I cannot paint, draw, or dance, I consider myself creative, and love surrounding myself with puzzles and problems to solve. My role at First American is perfect as each day I get to identify opportunities to help businesses grow or overcome obstacles. Also, being a part of a team after working independently for many years is absolutely a plus!

What is one thing you do in your role that might surprise people?I bring a high level of optimism to this role. It is crucial for partners to know that someone is as excited about their integration as they are. This is a big moment for their company; I want them to know that we are truly partners in this process and strive to create a positive foundation that we can build on. 

What has impressed you the most in your new role?

I am both ecstatic and overwhelmed by the welcoming nature of First American’s ISV team, ISO team, and Product team. Knowing that I get to work with smart, engaged co-workers is energizing.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

How about a few? I can cross one eye; I am obsessed with my dog; I love camping, and I travel to a different city every year for a weeklong bicycle “City Ride” with my husband.

What makes First American an ideal partner for an ISV?

Typically, adding payments to a software solution is one of the last steps in the long journey of development for a partner. First American gives our partners all the tools and resources they need to make completing the project a seamless experience. And our support does not end when the project does; First American works continuously to find ways to enhance our product offerings as payment technology evolves at a faster and faster pace.