By: Bill Lodes, EVP of Business Development and Strategy at First American Payment Systems 


Now more than ever, ISVs rely on integrated solutions to enhance their products and differentiate themselves in a constantly changing market. ISVs are facing the challenge of offering integrated payment solutions that are reliable and secure for their customers.


At First American, we provide solutions that differentiate ISVs within their marketplace, allowing them to easily integrate payments and ultimately increase their customer retention and acquisition. With over 25 years of experience serving partners and merchants, First American is familiar with the unique standpoint ISVs operate from and we understand what’s important. 


All of our solutions and products are developed in-house and always meet the highest standards of security and functionality.  We not only provide payment solutions and industry leading technology, but also package them with award-winning partner and merchant support to software developers, ISVs and their customers. 


First American is proud to present our suite of products and solutions available on our proprietary platform, 1stPay. 


• EMV®: We have taken the guesswork out of the EMV process by offering a semi-integrated solution. Our semi-integrated solution allows you to integrate EMV easily and quickly – reducing cost and saving development time. We provide hands-on technical support, resources, and tools on top of providing an implementation team that will guide you step by step through the integration process, answering any questions you may have along the way.


• 1stPayBlaze®: Our SaaS Full Stack API allows you to integrate online, retail and mobile payments on multiple platforms with a snippet of code. We offer an easy to use drop-in web form for rapid sign up of new merchants or a full API for total control and customization. 1stPayBlaze also features 24/7 comprehensive reporting tools making it easy for you to manage and grow your business.


• 1stPayMaximizer: Keep credit card info up-to-date and decrease the amount of declines received. Our account updater solution will cut out the need to contact your customers to obtain correct credit card information and will alleviate administrative costs needed in order to maintain accurate cards on file.


• 1stPayVault®: Securely store unlimited credit card records and keep cardholder data tokenized for ultimate protection. Our PCI-DSS compliant encrypted storage keeps data secure and safe.


• Recurring payments: Process flexible recurring payments without storing card information. This feature gives merchants the ability to create their own payment plan options that best suits their business needs. 


Offering cutting edge technology is more important than ever. Partnering with First American gives you access to leading payment integration products and access to the top payments experts. Discover the difference with First American Payment System. We look forward to helping you grow your business.