When it comes to software features for payment processing for dental practices, ISVs are continuously challenged to deliver cost-effective solutions coupled with cutting-edge technology to their end users. However, many ISVs lack an important component, and that’s payment solutions within their software. Adding integrated payments and functionality with a payment processing software, allows ISVs to differentiate themselves within the dental industry, increase profitability, and gain new customers. It also gives the practices staff the tools to be efficient, quick, and accurate.


Payment Processing Software Benefits for Dental

At First American, we give our ISV partners the necessary support and tools to integrate payments and accept credit cards easily and quickly within their dental practice management software. Our products and solutions are all developed in-house and always meet the highest security standards. And the best part? We provide award-winning partner and merchant support for ISVs and their dental patients.


When partnering with a third-party company, ISV’s are concerned if these partners will represent their product with the same values that they believe in. First American has mastered the lost art of customer service by being available 24/7/365 to assist with any issues or questions with our payment processing software. You can be confident that your practice customers will be supported with the greatest care.


First American’s Payment Processing for Dental

Our suite of products for accepting credit cards and payment processing for dental include the following:


  • Credit/Debit – We offer a semi-integrated, seamless end-to-end EMV credit/debit solution that will give you and your dental practices peace of mind when it comes to accepting credit cards. Allow us to do the heavy lifting of EMV onboarding, so you don’t have to.
  • Recurring Payments – Begin processing recurring payments without storing any sensitive credit card information. Our flexible recurring payments allow dental practices to design a payment plan that works best for each of their patients.
  • 1stPayMaximizer – Avoid outdated patient credit card information and save valuable front staff time when you accept credit cards. Keep credit card data up to date and decrease the amount of declines you may receive. Our product updates credit card data automatically so you can remain worry-free about processing payments.
  • 1stPayVault® - When it comes to payment processing software, it’s critical to keep patient credit card data encrypted and tokenized and have the highest level of data security and HIPPA compliant. Our PCI-DSS compliant encrypted storage protects data and keeps it secure.
  • ACH - Our ACH program, FirstFund® ACH, empowers you to automatically transfer payments to and from your bank account without the hassle of preparing invoices, handling checks, or going to the bank.
  • On-line payments - Our Hosted Payment Page Builder product allows you to quickly and easily build a page that is consistent with your website or patient portal with the goal of offering payment processing for dental practices online, at any time.


Adding extensive payment solutions for dental practice with our industry-specific payment processing software is critical for ISVs to have long-term success, lower attrition and to build a strong reputation. Contact us today and partner with First American to gain access to the top payments experts and leading dental payment integration solutions in the industry!