When working with owners and operators of child care facilities or schools, giving them the ability to offer their customers perks that their biggest competitors do not offer will give them a competitive advantage. That’s where payment solutions like payment processing software can help an ISV address the needs of child care centers or schools and allow them to differentiate themselves from competing businesses.


The versatility of payment processing solutions can be used to speed up the customer service experience and can also act as an additional marketing tool for child care center clients. The nature of their business is working with children, and the busy schedules that they and the parents must adhere to mean that every second counts.


ISVs must stress how schools and child care centers stand to gain both loyalty and increased revenue by giving busy parents and customers the ability to more easily pay for education or child care services, enrollment fees, school supplies, extra-curricular related apparel or equipment, fundraising items, deposits in lunch accounts or field trip costs. It’s payment solutions such as these, which can be integrated into a comprehensive software package, that can make a positive difference for your client when a potential customer is selecting a child care center or school.



Payment Needs for Child Care or Education Providers


Speaking to any child care provider, it is immediately clear how important it is to ease the burden of stressed out parents who are often pressed for time. What if a child care center or school could offer customers and parents payment solutions like the ability to pay online, swipe their card with a mobile reader or even set up recurring payments? What if parents and students can pay for books, field trips or supplies via a smartphone? These are the questions that an ISV needs to ask their child care clients.


Because not all child care centers and schools offer these payment solutions, those that do are immediately able to distinguish themselves from their competition and save their customers time with hassle-free speedy payments.


ISVs can demonstrate to these clients how this payment technology gives them the ability to establish recurring payments with ease along with ensuring that payment information such as card expirations dates and billing information is kept current and secure. For the client, this means that there is no interruption in cash flow or a need for customers to update the information themselves.



Payment Solutions That Establish Positive Cash Flow and Act as a Marketing Tool


By offering secure payment solutions and technology to clients, ISVs can make budgeting much easier for those child care providers. The dependability of recurring payments keeps positive cash flow coming in at predictable, regular intervals.


Even the receipts that the client provides to their customers can act as a value-added marketing tool. Instead of a paper receipt, an emailed receipt can reduce waste, remind parents and customers of current or upcoming special events or promotions, and generate interest in additional products such as school spirit wear. This creates even more sources of potential revenue for your client. It also makes the process of satisfied parents referring the child care center or school to fellow parents much easier.



Customizable Payment Solutions for Every Size Child Care Center or School


ISVs can emphasize to these clients that the cost of these payment solutions is also scalable. Each business has its own special set of needs and tools. Payment experts, along with the ISV, can help each business determine what payment services will work best for them and can ensure that the price point for this suite of services is competitive and reasonable.


The competition is always looking for ways to cut costs and operate more efficiently. With a payment technology partner who can help streamline the payment process and help increase efficiency, your child care providers and school clients can reduce their operating costs while also offering their customers a more convenient and hassle-free payment experience. Contact First American to learn more.