The Flexible Payment Technology Solution You’ve Been Searching For

Flexibility in payment services technology is one of the most important components of a partner’s commerce requirements. That flexibility is particularly crucial when a business requires the ability to process payments in multiple ways such as mobile, online and in-person. As the demand for new payment solutions increases, partners must seek out new forms of payment technology that can seamlessly work within their software.


1stPayBlaze® – A True Payment Technology Innovation

Because of the increased need for flexible payment services technology, First American provides 1stPayBlaze®, an advanced set of technology tools that provides partners and their customers an easy way to integrate the latest payment technology. The biggest benefit is that this set of technical and developer tools offers a customizable selection of payment processing solutions that can be tailored to fit the needs of businesses of any size, type or specialty.


Not only does 1stPayBlaze® offer payment solutions tools but it also provides APIs for developers to be able to seamlessly integrate this enhanced payment processing technology into their existing software. This not only helps speed up the implementation process but also ensures that there is no intimidation or confusion when rolling out these enhancements.


In addition to multiple payment solutions, our 1stPayBlaze® product offers easy merchant onboarding as well. The 1stPayBlaze® merchant onboarding process is wonderfully simple, quick and secure. A one page online form is sent to new merchants to sign them up quickly for payment solutions using a customized template built and managed by the partner.


Stay Up To Date with Real Time Sales Reporting

Tracking the trends of your business and the ability to observe the success of new products, sales and promotions is another valuable feature of 1stPayBlaze®. Using the API tools available, partners can build out custom payment reporting to fit their exact needs within their software. Having a payment services technology solution that is capable of providing sales data and insight in real time helps partners and merchants adapt to the needs and demands of their customers.


This seamless payment technology is incredibly intuitive and user friendly. And just to ensure that users are able to fully enjoy all of the benefits of this payment processing technology, 1stPayBlaze® offers sales support and technical support at any time.


In addition to all of those perks, 1stPayBlaze® offers a US-based, award-winning customer service support team which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of this adds up to a robust and customized payment process solution.