As an ISV, it is important to work with a trusted payment software partner who can provide guided support and integrated small business software solutions to help lead your business to success. In order for you as an ISV to differentiate yourself within your marketplace, it is necessary to explore integrating payment processing software. Payment software will allow you to meet the needs of your business, the payment preferences of your current customers and increase your overall customer acquisition.


At First American Payment Systems, we understand the unique pain points ISVs are faced with and their daily small business software challenges. Take a look at the top 4 reasons you should explore integrated payment processing software with First American:


  1. Our Products

First American provides a comprehensive suite of integrated payment software products that are available on our proprietary platform, 1stPay, and are quick to integrate. By partnering with First American, you will have access to the following payment software products that will help grow your business:


  • Payment Acceptance: Begin accepting a variety of payments that includes credit, debit, ACH, EMV, NFC, online, and mobile.
  • EMV: Reduce costs and save development time by incorporating our semi-integrated EMV solution.
  • 1stPayBlaze®: With just a snippet of code, our SaaS Full Stack API allows quick small business software integration, easy onboarding, and online reporting 24/7.
  • 1stPayMaximizer: Decrease the amount of declined credit card payments received. Our account updater updates credit card info automatically.
  • 1stPayVault®: Keep unlimited credit card records tokenized and encrypted for ultimate protection. Our PCI compliant encrypted storage keeps cardholder data secure.
  • Recurring Payments: Process recurring payments without having to store card information. Flexible recurring payments allow your customers to create a payment plan that works best for their business.
  1. Our Personal Support

We proudly invest in our ISV partners by providing hands-on support and relationship management to ensure your long-term success with our payment software solutions. We think partnerships should be a win-win for both sides and we treat our partners as a critical piece of our success. Our highly-trained Implementation and ISV Relationship teams are available to help guide you through the payment processing software integration process in a streamlined manner while providing extensive support with any questions or concerns. We also provide sales and marketing support, technical integration support, and reporting features to ensure you take full advantage of our payment software solutions for your business.


  1. Our Advanced Technology

Offering innovative payment software technology is important now more than ever. We provide state-of-the-art payment technology so you can integrate payment acceptance within your software easily, quickly, and seamlessly. Some of our partners have integrated entire payment processing software solutions in as little as a week. Also, we’re proud when others often point out, “they make it easy for developers”. Our comprehensive selection of payment software technology incorporates payment acceptance via a REST API so you can begin accepting in-store, mobile, and online payments.


  1. Our Security Solutions

All of our tools are supported with the highest security standards, allowing you to have peace of mind that your payments software integration will be secure and safe for your customers. We ensure you are compliant by providing the latest forms of security through our product, 1stPaySecure, which includes PCI Compliance tools, data breach protection, point-to-point end-to-end tokenization and encryption, and fraud prevention tools.


Interested in learning more about the payment software products and small business software solutions First American can integrate within your ISV software? Contact us today to get started.