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Payment Technology & Data Security: 1stPaySecure
Sep 26, 2017

1stPaySecure payment technology incorporates data security elements like EMV, encryption and tokenization to keep customer data secure.

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Payment Technology: 1stPayVault®
Aug 29, 2017

When it comes to payment data, security is essential. 1stPayVault® from First American keeps payment data encrypted and secured to minimize risk of a data breach or fraud.

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95% Of Ransomware Attacks Bypass Firewalls; 77% Permeate Email Filtering
Apr 11, 2017

One-third of attacks were successful even when victims had undergone security awareness training.

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Top 4 Reasons to Explore Payments Software Integration
Apr 6, 2017

At First American Payment Systems, we provide the tools and expertise to guide your business to the best payment software integration solution.

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48% Of Organizations Have Suffered Ransomware Attacks In Past Year
Mar 30, 2017

Many organizations had been hit by at least one ransomware attack in the last 12 months. Find out why. 

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Majority Of Businesses Not Prepared For Ransomware
Mar 23, 2017

Sixty-eight percent of respondents to a Vanson Bourne survey report their company to be “very vulnerable” or “vulnerable” to attack.

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Accept Recurring Payments with Payment Technology
Mar 21, 2017

Let’s explore the advantages of what recurring payments can provide to ISV’s as well as their customers.

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Developer Resources for 3rd Party Payment Processing Integration
Mar 7, 2017

Our ISOs are known for their award-winning customer service, making them the some of the best merchant service companies in the industry.

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Identity Fraud Climbs to an All-Time High As Card Fraud Rises ‘Across the Board’
Feb 23, 2017

Payments professionals who suspect fraud is getting significantly worse were confirmed in their suspicions.

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How To Help Small Businesses Protect Data
Feb 7, 2017

Here are a few ways you can secure data, computers, and networks to stay safe.

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Cyber Risk Number Two Concern According To ‘Top 10 Global Business Risks For 2017'
Jan 31, 2017

Report identifies top corporate challenges and potential solutions for 2017.

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2017 Payment Trends: Technology & Security Lead the Way
Jan 5, 2017

With 2017 here, it is important to take a look ahead at what the future holds for payments and what trends may continue to develop or emerge within the next year.

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How 2016 Cyber Attacks Will Impact 2017 Security Strategies
Jan 3, 2017

Survey finds despite escalating threats, few changes to security are planned in 2017.

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IT Workforce Will Be On The Move In 2017
Dec 20, 2016

Data shows 37 percent of IT professionals will be job hunting next year.

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Fraudsters May Be Rushing Online, But So Far Web Sellers Are Ready for Them
Nov 30, 2016

A combination of better fraud-detection technologies and stronger consumer-authentication strategies is helping e-commerce merchants hold the line on fraud losses.

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The PCI Council Eyes Securing Payment Data on the Insecure Internet of Things
Nov 10, 2016

The PCI Security Standards Council is devising recommendations for protecting payment transactions on devices connected to the Internet of Things, a network with endpoints researchers say already number in the billions.

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DDoS Attack On Dyn Demonstrates Need For Serious Cybersecurity Investment
Nov 8, 2016

Attack highlights the “disruptive potential of coordinated hacking efforts” on American networks.

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With a Sharp Rise Already in Online Fraud Attacks, Look for a Worrisome Holiday Season
Nov 3, 2016

If the payments industry is expecting a sharp rise in online fraud, it can stop holding its breath.

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Tools For Helping SMBs Combat Ransomware
Oct 4, 2016

Ransomware and other malware attacks are on the rise as cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, better organized, and bolder.

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Help Clients Identify Best Practices To Address Phishing And Ransomware
Sep 29, 2016

With the proliferation of ransomware and phishing attacks disrupting business operations and costing thousands of dollars in losses, keeping your client’s networks and data secure is a top priority — and there are a number of security challenges you need to help businesses guard against.

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Recent POS Malware Attacks Signal a Need for Application Security for Mobile Payments
Sep 27, 2016

In the past, hackers have most often gone after specific merchants when seeking cardholder information.

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Study Finds Federal Agencies Using Big Data To Fight Cybersecurity Breaches
Sep 1, 2016

While 90 percent of big data users report they have seen a decline in security breaches, 49 percent of Federal agencies say cybersecurity compromises occur at least once a month as a result of an inability to fully analyze data.

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How To Add Security To Your Offering
Aug 9, 2016

In thinking about the threat cybercrime presents to businesses, it is not a matter of if it will ever happen, it is a matter of when it will happen. 

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How Small Businesses Can Achieve Big Security
Aug 1, 2016

According to Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Cyber Crime Study, in 2015 there was an average of 1.9 successful cyber-attacks on companies each week deriving from a variety of attack vectors, including malware, phishing, and stolen devices.

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We May Be Seeing The End Of The Password
Jul 21, 2016

In a 2006 report, researchers from Penn State University predicted we would soon be seeing the end of password usefulness and a new era of data security was on the horizon.

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Helping Enterprises Battle Ransomware
Jul 5, 2016

Ransomware is one of the latest, most dangerous forms of cyberattacks targeting vulnerable enterprises across industries from finance to retail to healthcare. 

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Payment & Data Security: Lessons Learned From The Front Lines
Jun 30, 2016

According to network security vendor Webroot, almost every bit of malware now is polymorphic, changing as it hits the network.

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What MSPs and VARs Should Know About Crypto-Ransomware
Jun 23, 2016

Downtime suffered by companies as a result of ransomware attacks can cost more than just the ransom demands, and the majority of MSPs and VARs are not recouping the time and money spent on wiping and restoring their computer systems.

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Lagging Security Indicators And The Future Of Security Services
Jun 21, 2016

Security breaches in the retail sector are a common occurrence due to the large amount of credit card information available to hackers accessing unprotected systems and networks.

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First American: Monetizing Payment Security
Jun 9, 2016

There are many security services VARs should consider offering related to security and compliance. 

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Jun 1, 2016

The PCI Security Standards Council on Friday released version 3.2 of its Payment Application Data Security Standard, which sets rules for payment-processing software.

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Online Merchants Are Beating Fraud, But the Gains Are Costly, CyberSource Study Reveals
May 27, 2016

So far, online merchants are winning the battle against fraud, but the gains are coming at a high cost, according to the latest annual fraud study from CyberSource Corp.

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Detecting Fraud with Big Data and the Right Mindset
Mar 30, 2016

There’s a new wave of possibility in online fraud prevention.

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Data Security Remains Top Concern For Tech Leaders
Mar 24, 2016

While the vast majority of corporate technology decision-makers anticipate tech spending to remain the same or increase for 2016, tech leaders say their current IT infrastructures rate only a “B Minus” grade and 65 percent report concern about disruption from technology innovation, according to an Insight Enterprises report.

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Never Overlook Payment Security
Mar 7, 2016

Today, EMV adoption among retailers has paced behind where the card brands would like it to be, and there’s little chance retailers will catch up to meet the October goal. 

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Security Solutions ISVs and VARs Can Use For Protection
Feb 18, 2016

Data breaches and fraud have been major issues within the payments industry for years.

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Banks Are Moving To Biometric Technology To Secure Data — And So Are Their Customers
Feb 5, 2016

As data breaches and other intrusions multiply, businesses that deal in sensitive data on a daily basis are scrambling to find the most effective means of protection possible.

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Q&A with Bill Lodes: 2016 Trends for ISVs
Jan 21, 2016

Bill Lodes, new SVP of Strategy and Business Development at First American Payment Systems, was selected for a Q&A session with Business Solutions on the top payment trends ISVs should focus on and the challenges that continue with EMV adoption and PCI compliance.

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Are You Advising Your Merchant Clients To Upgrade To NFC Along With EMV?
Jan 18, 2016

Your merchant clients that rely on you as a trusted advisor are turning to you for advice as they upgrade their payment terminals to accept EMV chip cards.

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How Partnering With A Payments Processor Can Help ISVs And VARs Keep Their Clients Secure
Nov 30, 2015

The growth of data breaches and fraud has been a pressing issue within the payments industry for several years and many are concerned in regards to payment security.

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First American’s Priority: Simple Payment Solutions & Dedicated ISV & Developer Support
Nov 16, 2015

At First American Payment Systems, strategic partnerships are important to us and our main goal is to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace and grow revenue. 

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