Today, small businesses are constantly trying to retain customers. Business owners need to know how to attract and keep their customers in order to be successful. Without having repeated customers, a small business could easily go out of business. Overtime, building relationships with customers will lead to loyal customers, who will want to return and continue doing business at your store.


Here are a few tips every small business owner should try in order to maximize customer retention:


1. Offer the best product/service combination possible
Chances are, most small businesses provide similar products as their competitors. As a result, small business owners need to learn the best techniques to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 


To do so, small businesses must find a solid balance between the actual product they are selling and the services their business provides. By focusing equally on both facets, small businesses are able to offer a great customer experience instead of just another place to buy that product. 


2. Hire the right person for the job
Your business will only get so far based on ascetics, no matter what product you’re trying to sell. It’s no mystery that customer’s leave based on service issues. In fact, 68% of customers leave because they are dissatisfied with the service of a business.


Having the right people on your team is critical to your small business’ success. Hire people who are passionate about what they’re doing so that they can support your buyer’s wants and needs. Someone who has that passion is going to be that much better at satisfying those needs, rather than someone who doesn’t have any interest in the business. If your employee isn’t interested, the customer won’t be either. 


3. Connect on a personal level
Some will say that people buy based on logical reasons, but in reality it’s the complete opposite. People buy based on emotion and then support their decisions with logic. One reason small businesses are successful is that they can reach out to a customer on a personal level. Building a relationship with a customer makes them want to come back and continue doing business with you. 


Every customer is going to remember the product they purchased, but it’s the experience that they had that’s going to stick with them and they likely will tell their friends about your business. 


4. Listen and respond to your customer
Whether you receive negative or positive feedback, both serve a purpose that will benefit your business over time. Customers will give you their honest opinion on what they like and don’t like about your products or services. When you receive their take on something, use it to your advantage. This allows you to compare their thoughts to yours to ultimately create a better product and customer experience. 


Customers want to be heard, and they love when you listen to them. Taking the time to personally respond to their feedback makes them feel like they are your customers. By following the above steps, small businesses can prolong their relationship with their customers and retain them over the long term.