For small businesses, customers are a vital aspect to the success of your company. One great way to have a competitive edge against other businesses is to execute superior customer service. Offering top-notch customer service is imperative not only to boost customer’s trust, but also to gain repeat business. 


Below are the 5 best ways you as a small business owner can enhance your company’s customer service and assist your customers: 


1. It’s all in the attitude
One of the first things customers pick up on is the overall attitude from employees. If employees come off as unapproachable or unfriendly, customers may end up leaving your business to shop elsewhere where the environment is more inviting.


Be sure your staff welcomes customers with a smile upon entering, asking them if they can help in any way or if they are in search for a specific product. Happy and pleasant employees will in turn create an upbeat and cheerful business. 


2. Educate your staff
Be sure to train your staff on your products, the promotions that are currently going on within your store, and the overall store layout of where all products are located. That way if a customer has a question about a specific product, the employee will be readily available to answer and have the knowledge of the product. 


During holidays and special sales throughout the year, it is also helpful that employees are aware of any discounts that would need to be applied to certain items. This will help employees increase sales by informing customers of discounts to take advantage of and encourage them to buy more. 


Likewise, employees need to be comfortable on the layout of your store, so if a customer asks where a certain product is located, they will be able to direct the customer in the right direction quickly. 


3. Make sure your technology is current
Having a slow and outdated POS system will slow down the service you extend to customers, causing slower transaction times and frustration for everyone involved. Small business owners can remedy this issue by operating a modern POS system that will improve productivity in addition to a faster checkout experience. Customers will be more pleased and relaxed when a checkout experience is fast and easy for them, leaving your store with a positive customer experience. 


4. Keep staff members all around
One of the most frustrating aspects of shopping for the consumers is not being able to locate an employee in the area they are shopping in to help them. Make sure that your store has adequate employees in each area, so that the customer isn’t inconvenienced by having to waste their time finding an employee to assist them. 


5. Share content with your customers
Small businesses can leverage their stores by creating content that is relevant to their business and products. A great example would be creating a monthly newsletter that has tips, relevant industry info, and specials available at the point of sale for customers to grab or via email. You could also format the newsletter so customers can view it on your website to target customers both in-store and online. 


Having a social media page is also a great way to connect and reach out to customers. Here, customers can read up-to-date information about your store and engage with you, thus creating a more personable customer experience.  


In any small business, customer service should be a main priority. Giving customers the attention and help they deserve will let them know how much you value their business and loyalty. By following the above tips, small businesses can prosper with their customer service skills and be sure to leave a lasting impression.