Many small business owners have avoided accepting American Express in the past due to the traditionally higher fees that are charged to merchants. While American Express has typically been seen as too expensive for many merchants to accept, there is a new program from American Express called OptBlue that presents new pricing with one consolidated statement and reconciliation, as well as one customer service point of contact through a merchant’s payment processor.

What Is OptBlue?


American Express OptBlue® is a new program targeted specifically to small merchants. OptBlue offers various rates, which are dependent upon ticket size and type of industry. The program also offers a single deposit for all card transactions, one statement for all card networks, and simplified reconciliation for all card transactions.


With OptBlue, small merchants are able to take advantage of valuable marketing, services, and tools. They may also benefit from lower pricing, as the merchant’s payment processor is now able to determine the pricing structure for all card brands. E-commerce and traditional retail merchants may especially benefit from lower fees. As a result, small businesses that currently do not take American Express might want to revisit American Express acceptance with OptBlue.


"OptBlue is part of American Express' ongoing commitment to enhance the U.S. small merchant experience and is an evolution of our acquiring business," said Ed Jay, Executive Vice President, Merchant Services - Americas, American Express. "The program will help deliver a smart and easy solution for U.S. small merchants to enjoy the benefits of American Express Card acceptance while making it convenient for consumers to Shop Small® year round."