The EMV liability shift has arrived and First American wants to make sure your business is prepared by switching to an EMV capable terminal. As of October 1st, any transaction that is conducted using counterfeit or fraudulent card will shift the sole responsibility to the party that is the least EMV compliant – typically the merchant. As a merchant, you want your establishment to be the most EMV compliant to eliminate any liability that may occur. 


Protect your business today by upgrading to new EMV-capable terminals. The benefits of switching to EMV terminals include: 


  • Prevents shifts in liability
  • Reduces counterfeit card fraud
  • Increases security
  • Increases revenue through acceptance of international visitors’ cards
  • Supports the way customers want to pay


First American offers several EMV countertop solutions to safeguard your business: 


Xion 3.0/3.5
The Xion 3.0/3.5 is the future of payment acceptance. Xion® terminals accept the most recent payment technologies including EMV transactions, NFC, Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, Android Pay™, and card swipe via the terminal or a secure, customer-facing PIN pad. 


Featuring top-of-the-line PCI PED 3.0 security, the Xion is available to connect with either IP or dial-up connection. 


With an outstanding vivid color display and large buttons alongside a backlit keyboard, the Xion is visually appealing and easy to view. 


Verifone® Vx520
Built with long-lasting components, flexible connectivity options, and a brilliant backlit screen, the Vx520 offers the latest in countertop terminal features and is equipped to handle both EMV and NFC transactions. 


Verifone is PCI, PED 3.0 approved and is up-to-date with PIN security standards. All transactions are end-to-end encrypted, allowing you to rest easy knowing all transactions are as secure as possible. 


The Verifone unit is designed with customers in mind by including a backlit screen that is visible in all lighting situations and comes with over 500MB of memory – making it possible for you to support value added applications like gift and loyalty cards.


Don’t delay any longer – protect your business with EMV-compliant technology. First American is here to help your business become more secure with our EMV terminal solutions.