Leveraging payment technology to stay ahead of the pack


The world of payment technology is ever-evolving. Sometimes it moves so quickly that it can be overwhelming to stay on top of innovation. Therein lies the appeal of the kind of partnership that First American offers.


Our reputation as a rock-solid partner to ISOs speaks to our 28-year track record. Since our founding, we’ve focused on payment technology innovation trends with staying power, built customized solutions around them, and used our unparalleled payment technology expertise to help ISO partners differentiate and flourish within their verticals.


Obviously, you know that leveraging payment technology to achieve data-driven results means that you can offer clients a one-of-a-kind solution that many others cannot. Helping you define exactly what that looks like for your business is our strength.


One part of that process is via solutions that position an ISO to work with ISVs, developers, and value-added resellers in need of payment technology capabilities. These tools include the full spectrum of payments activity, from the hardware used to complete a transaction to the secure web environment that protects cardholder identity and prevents data misuse.


Our payment technology services include:


  • The ability to accept multiple forms of payment, from magnetic stripe and EMV credit cards to emerging payment like Apple Pay;
  • Payment technology security tools that exceed PCI compliance standards, incorporating encryption and tokenization;
  • A mechanism that prevents one of the major pain points shared by merchants everywhere - credit card declines.


And that’s just scratching the surface.


These payment technology solutions are made all the more effective through the consultative approach we take with our ISO partners. It begins with a portfolio analysis, focusing on how best to position your ISO for lead capture. Its success is marked by an uptick in our partner’s closed business activity, and what we consider to be the greatest compliment – ISO’s that keep their business with us year after year.


Ours is a partner-first approach, and can be transformative for your organization. To find out more about our ISO Merchant Service Payment Technology options. Contact First American’s Strategic Partner team today.