The payment services arena is exploding, and it seems like payment technology breakthroughs are discovered on a nearly daily basis. Even so, it takes more than great products to make a sale.


With so much competition and so many different needs in the payment products business, we often hear the question: “How can my ISO stand out?” What we’ve seen time and time again is that it truly comes down to how you position and present your product set. Not only that, but the effectiveness of your sales force in delivering a message that is clear, concise and relevant to the prospect’s pain point.


The most effective ISO sales forces out there all place emphasis on payment solutions training. Read on to find out why, and how First American can help you with this process.


Why Training Matters

Through ongoing training and support – delivered proactively and with a human touch – these sales agents are winning, not only through mastery of the products they sell, but also by shoring up their knowledge of the prospect’s vertical market. They are proof positive that to build a foundation for successful selling, one must start with an effective training program.


From this foundation, that initial conversation with a prospect can pivot from a sales pitch to a problem-solving, profit-generating exchange, that actually ends up being beneficial for both parties. It’s a critical credibility threshold for your sales agent and the ISO, laying the foundation for a prospect-turned-customer that is more likely to stay with you, be open to new products and to refer you to their peers.


What We Do

At First American, our payment solutions training is designed to give ISOs and their sales reps a deep knowledge of the products they’ll be selling, empowering them for success.


First American’s training approach works because we help your sales reps learn to sell the payment product without having to be a technical expert. We take a pragmatic approach, focusing on the most important factors of successfully selling payment solutions:


  • Understanding the features and benefits of our products and services;
  • Identifying how these payment solutions fit into a merchant’s business operation;
  • Helping the merchant solve operational pain points through our solution(s).


How We Do It

To help your ISO sales force develop this level of expertise, we offer comprehensive training services. These training services include all the assets you would expect, including, but not limited to:

  • Reference documentation;
  • How-to videos;
  • Cheat sheets emphasizing the most important functionalities.

Additionally, the training includes a full-time training-focused staff member to serve as your ISO’s subject matter expert on all of our products and services.


Having this dedicated resource on staff means your ISO receives personalized training, tailored especially for your ISO’s sales verticals. It also allows us to provide proactive training that will give your sales reps that “A-ha!” moment, helping them fully grasp why these products are in your sales toolkit, and how best to position them in front of prospects.


Contact our Strategic Partner team today to see how First American can help empower your ISO Team.