First American Payment Systems, an industry leader in payment technology, and Transformations Inc., a technology company dedicated to streamlining and innovating customer communications and online bill payment through its flagship product Uluro, have partnered to offer a full suite of integrated payments options within the Uluro billing and communications platform.


Uluro is a customer communications management product, designed to provide billing, communications, eDelivery, and online presentment for multiple industries. The platform now includes a comprehensive suite of payment options from First American Payment Systems. Backed by award-winning customer support, this new payment offering provides a customizable online bill payment solution for Transformations customers looking to offer secure and robust payment options.


“Integrating First American Payment Systems with the Uluro platform provides world-class online bill payment and presentment solution for our clients,” said Bill Tidwell, CEO of Transformations. “This is exciting for us and our customers because it significantly enhances the electronic payment processing capabilities of Uluro.”


“First American is excited to partner with Transformations in providing our secure and flexible suite of payment technology to their customers via the Uluro platform,” said Bill Lodes, Executive Vice President, Business Development & Strategy. “First American’s innovative and forward-thinking payment technology allows for increased efficiency and improved cash flow for Transformations’ customers. In addition to operational efficiency, our integrated payments solutions are built on a foundation of extensive payment security, giving customers and cardholders peace of mind when using the platform.”


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