Online shopping has many benefits that consumers’ seek. For instance, there are reviews from other users who have bought the same item, a search box to quickly find an item within seconds, and the ability to check out online without ever having to step foot in a store and wait in long lines. However, not all websites have a payment page that is quick and easy.


In order to have a seamless payment experience, you as a business owner need to follow these 4 tips to improve the online checkout process:


Partner With an Experienced Payments Processor

To make sure your website is secure and has the latest e-commerce solutions, it is vital to partner with an experienced payments processor. An experienced payments processor can provide advanced security products to help protect your business from cyber crime and offer e-commerce solutions such as fraud protection, encryption, and PCI compliance. In addition to the tools a payment processor can offer, they also can provide extensive knowledge and payments expertise to help guide you to long-term success.


A payments processor can also help you build a hosted payment web page and provide a variety of templates. With their assistance and solutions, you can easily configure your own e-commerce payment page that will allow you to build, market, and grow your business while adding the capability to accept payments on your website.


Decrease Input Fields

The more boxes a customer has to fill out to finalize a purchase, the more frustrated they will become. In fact, one study by the Baymard Institute found that 27% of consumers abandoned the shopping cart because the checkout process took too long or was overly complicated. That’s why it’s important to eliminate as many unnecessary input fields as possible. Some of the key things customers should still fill out to complete a purchase include:


  • Name
  • Billing/Shipping Address
  • Full Credit Card Info including security code and expiration date
  • E-mail address and/or Phone Number


Creating an expedited checkout process will not only cause less frustration from consumers, but may encourage them to come back to your site and shop again due to the quick checkout time.


Create Mobile-Friendly Checkout

Did you know that 88% of consumers have had a bad experience when trying to make a purchase on their smartphone? One feature many businesses forget to look at after creating a website is making sure their site is mobile friendly. With mobile e-commerce continue to increase in demand, it is essential that both your overall website and checkout page are responsive and designed for mobile users. Having a mobile-friendly checkout process will give your site an advantage against competitors, while allowing you to improve your sales.


Websites that have a long and lengthy checkout process can result in a loss of sales, as most consumers want to be able to buy what they want fast and be on their way. That’s why having a user-friendly checkout page is essential. By working with an experienced payments processor, decreasing input fields, , and utilizing a mobile-friendly checkout page, you will be well on your way to creating a seamless online checkout experience for your customers.