Retailers have had difficulty marketing and getting the attention of one specific group of consumers – Generation Z. This generation, born between the end of the 1990s and early 2000s, has grown up with technology readily at their hands and are known to have short attention spans, making it hard for retailers to earn their loyalty.


One of the main reasons Gen Z has proven to be difficult for retailers to connect with is due in part to misconceptions retailers have toward them. Retailers should look at incorporating digital strategies to engage with Gen Z’s and focus their efforts and campaigns towards a digital experience. Sending promotional text message alerts is one example of how retailers can reach out to the mobile users of Gen Z. 


"Engaging with Gen Z via text message and alerting them of new products or special promotions is a great way to get their attention. Once they actually walk through the doors, the retailer's next step is to make sure they are keeping this level of engagement up in-stores. This can be executed by having in-store demonstrations, or digital displays," said Rekha Ramesh, global IT and digital strategy head and analyst for Daymon Worldwide. 


The study also showed that retailers should concentrate their efforts towards mobile to attract Gen Z consumers. Mobile creates a big opportunity for retailers due to the rise of apps and mobile wallets. More than 75 percent of Gen Z’s stated they would possibly shop at a retailer that had mobile payment features. 


"Mobile apps that save Gen Z time and money will better position retailers to engage not only with current customers, but potential buyers as well. Any type of technology that makes the shopping experience as seamless as possible will do quite well with this particular demographic," said Ramesh.   


Social media also proved to be successful in communicating with Gen Z consumers. In fact, 60 percent of Gen Z shoppers like to interact with retailers via social media. Retailers can gain the attention of Gen Z’s by having a social presence and creating social pages for their business. A social media page is a great platform for retailers to post pictures of their new products, spread the word about recent promotional offers, and give customer’s the opportunity to leave reviews or “check in” when they are visiting their store in-person. 


"Always look for ‘what’s next’ and analyze how a new social media app may benefit the end customer, whether it's Snapchat, Instagram or Periscope. Remember, not every new app will be right for your company but it's important to be aware," said Ramesh. 


Gen Z is a unique group of consumers who have different demands and expectations than the generations prior to them. By incorporating digital strategies, concentrating on mobile efforts, and engaging on social media, retailers will attract Gen Z consumers and be able to gain their loyalty and business.