Are you a retailer that has found it difficult to stand out from your competitors? If so, maybe it’s time to spice up your in-store experience. Customers have the advantage these days of shopping at a variety of businesses and have a higher chance of returning to a business that provides excellent customer service. Not only that, but if a customer has an exceptional in-store experience, they will more than likely refer their friends and family to shop there.


So how can you differentiate your retail store while creating a memorable in-store experience?


Engage with Customers but Give Them Space

The initial greeting is everything when making a first impression. Be sure to greet your customers as they walk into your establishment and ask if they are looking for anything in particular. If they decline your offer, give them your name in case they need to approach you again – and leave it at that.


After your initial greeting, most customers like to be left alone to browse the store and not be hassled. Giving your customers space and privacy will allow them to be more relaxed and less rushed.


Let the Product Sell Itself

In retail, making a sale all starts with your staff. Hiring employees who will represent your business and products is imperative. Their attitude, charisma, and overall work ethic are a direct reflection of your store’s brand and culture.


To help sell your products, make sure your staff is educated and has first hand knowledge on what it is they are selling. A great idea for owners of a clothing store is to require employees to dress in the clothes from your business. Customers will walk in and have a real life example of what they might want to purchase. It’s a simple and effective method to get more sales.


Offer "In-Store" Only Items

In today’s digital world, customers can purchase almost anything online. Online shopping saves time and for most customers is more convenient. But shopping online doesn’t offer the same quality customer experience you could get in-stores.


To help get more foot traffic into your retail store, offer in-store only items to lure customers to you. Limited edition or limited quality items are heavily sought after; so only provide a select amount of products that have a short shelf life. Another option is to have a release party with special offerings like a raffle or 2-for-1 deals to promote in-store sales.


Focus on the Fitting Room

One aspect of the in-store experience many retailers forget to focus on is the fitting room experience. Not having an attendant or not enough attendants assisting in the fitting room can be frustrating for customers, especially if they are having to go back within the store themselves to get the a different size of clothing.


You can improve the in-store experience by making sure that your staff is engaging with customers in the fitting room and being readily available if the customer needs a different size. To help increase sales, employees can even bring over one or two additional items for the customer to try on as a recommendation.  


Enhancing the in-store customer experience is something all retailers should look into improving. Not only will your business gain loyal customers, but also it will additionally gain more profits over time. By engaging with customers yet giving them space, having first hand knowledge of your products, offering in-store only items, and focusing on the fitting room, your retail store will be well on its way to long-term success.