Are you preparing your retail store for Small Business Saturday on November 28th? Entering it’s sixth year, Small Business Saturday is a day within the holiday season to encourage consumers to shop and support local businesses. It’s vital to spread awareness of your business and to make sure you have the right marketing and sales strategies in place for a successful Small Business Saturday.


Here are some helpful tips small businesses can rely on to ensure a seamless experience: 


Come up with a Plan
The first step for a successful Small Business Saturday is to come up with a plan on how to execute your goals. Decide what is most important for your business; is it an increase in sales, boosting the awareness of your business, or receiving a specific amount of in-store traffic? Once you have an idea of what goals you want to hit, strategize how you hope to reach these goals and the solutions you have on hand to help you accomplish them. 


Be sure your retail store is promoting Small Business Saturday. Something as simple as hanging a sign in your front store window is great advertisement. Other ways to promote Small Business Saturday include posting a banner on your website, advertising on social media with Twitter ads or Foursquare, or even simply just mentioning on your businesses social media sites that your company is participating in Small Business Saturday. Don’t forget to include #SmallBizSat or #ShopSmall in your social posts! Merchants should also visit the American Express website, where they can print off free guides, marketing material, and other promotional flyers for Small Business Saturday. 


Offer an Incentive
When it comes to shopping, consumers love receiving discounts. Put together an incentive or special offer to get shoppers to come buy at your store during Small Business Saturday and make sure to advertise within your store the upcoming weeks prior. Some incentives could be a 20% discount on certain items, free gift-wrapping, or a small gift for spending $30 or more. 


On the day of, it also would be beneficial to play music outside your store and within to grab the attention of shoppers walking by.  Setting up a small table at the front entrance with drinks and snacks are another way to entice shoppers to come into your store. 


Get Staff Involved
Be sure to let your staff know in advance about Small Business Saturday and make sure you have enough people staffed to work on that day. Make sure they are aware of any discounts, incentives, or special promotions that are going on. Additionally, remind them that they are a vital part of the customer experience and to upsell certain products at checkout. Upselling is a great technique to get shoppers to buy additional items upon checking out. 


Show Appreciation
Show your shoppers how much it means to you that they supported your store on Small Business Saturday. A good way to do this is by including a future coupon for them to use for 15% off their entire purchase. Be sure that your staff is also polite and courteous to all shoppers. 


Small Business Saturday is a great solution to get shoppers to Shop Small®. Small businesses everywhere can have a prosperous experience and attract new business if they have the right tools in place. By creating a plan, promoting your store, offering incentives, getting your staff involved, and showing appreciation to your customers, your small business can flourish on Small Business Saturday and beyond.