Back-to-school shopping is one of the busiest shopping seasons for retailers during the entire year. With consumers having so many different options to purchase what they need, it can be a challenge for small business retailers to stay top of mind with consumers. However, there are solutions small business retailers can implement in their store to reach old and new customers during back-to-school.

Discounts and Sales Are Key To Success
All shoppers love a good deal, especially when they have to buy multiple items during back-to-school shopping. In fact, one study showed that 91% of shoppers would shop at a new retailer if they were given a reward or promotion there. Another statistic revealed that 53 percent of shoppers said that the biggest factor on where they decide to shop is pricing.  In order for retailers to get customers in their stores during back-to-school, they need to implement special discounts and sales for shoppers. Be sure to focus both on loyal, returning customers as well as new customers looking to switch where they do their shopping. Back-to-school shopping is the perfect time to attract new customers as well as their dollars.


Try Using Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are another great benefit during back-to-school season for a small business to try. In fact, 58% of retailers surveyed believed that using loyalty campaigns during back-to-school would mean positive growth for their business. Not only will it be a great way to bring customers into your store but loyalty programs are also the perfect way to get them to spend their money with your business. If your retail store has already tried loyalty programs with little success, experts advise to experiment with some of the new loyalty products and services that are available on the market to help your business gain loyal customers.


Track Your Success
Be sure when offering discounts or using a loyalty program that you are also tracking data. Data-tracking and analysis is the best way to guarantee that what your business is offering is what the shopper actually wants. This information can help you as a retailer pin-point who your customers actually are and distinguish what discounts or loyalty offers will entice them to walk into your store or purchase from you again.


Use Modern Technology
Shoppers want to do business with retailers that are using modern and up-to-date technology within their stores. One perfect example is upgrading to a mobile loyalty program. With the increase of shoppers using their smartphones for purchases or coupons, retailers want to make sure they are accessible in a variety of ways for shoppers to buy and use discounts. Sending out offers to customers via email is another great option to keep your customers in the loop for certain specials your store may be having for back-to-school.


Stand Out From Your Competitors
Since back-to-school shopping is one of the busiest shopping times in the year, it is imperative that retailers stand out from the crowd of competition. The first way you can separate yourself from your competitors is by reaching your customers a few weeks prior to when school starts with deals your store will be having in the following weeks. One study showed that shoppers are researching special offers and deals in stores two weeks prior to making their back-to-school purchases, so advertising your sales early and contacting consumers via e-mail with discounts or coupons is a key way to gain attention from shoppers.


Small business retailers also need to make sure their loyalty programs are unique and are personalized for their consumers. Loyalty programs can increase a “brand’s market share by 20% and improve customer acquisition by up to 10%.” By utilizing your exclusive loyalty program, you as a retailer are able to engage with your consumers and create custom-made campaigns catered towards your target audience.


With the majority of businesses affected by back-to-school shopping, a lot of retailers are missing out on a prime time to attract new customers and retain regulars. Make sure your business is the place they shop at. By offering discounts and sales, using loyalty programs, tracking your data, using up-to-date technology, and finding ways to stand out from your competitors, small businesses will be able to thrive this back-to-school season.