First American Payment Systems knows that every dollar your company earns counts, which is why we are pleased to offer next day funding as a value-added solution to our merchant customers. As the name implies, next day funding offers fast access to funds from the previous day’s sales deposited into your business account in as little as 24 hours.


Next day funding really means next day!


Traditional payment processing typically takes 48 hours or longer for deposits from transactions to appear in a merchant’s account, but First American’s next day funding feature offers a variety of batch cut off times ensuring that your funds are processed and available within 24 hours or less*. Merchants can rest assured that their hard-earned money will be available to them the next day, without the wait.


Reconciliation speed matters!


Quick access to funds means that merchants can keep their accounting ledgers cleaner with sales being reconciled to the settlement stage in half the time of traditional processing. This speed allows discrepancies and outlier transactions to be identified and reconciled faster, providing greater efficiency and increased profitability for your business. Imagine what your business can do with the time it saves!


Let’s face it – overseeing the operations of a successful business is no small task. Next day funding helps merchants avoid entering into a cycle of delayed funding and ensures that your cash is available when you need it the most. A partnership with First American and our next day funding feature takes one less worry out of the equation.


Next day funding is available for merchants utilizing various front-end platforms. To learn more about how this service can benefit your business, contact us today.



*Saturday and Sunday transactions are funded the following Monday.