“What’s in it for the ISO? What can we offer that they aren’t already doing successfully on their own?”


Before we ever formed First American’s payment processing support units, Client Relations and Agent Support, these are the questions we asked ourselves.


The answers led us to create this department which for the last 20+ years and counting, has helped ISOs:

  • collect higher residuals, paid on time, every time;
  • increase their production;
  • run their businesses the way they want, from sole proprietorships to shops with double digit headcounts; and
  • sell merchant services in the most cost-effective manner.


We do it through a dedicated payment processing support team, structured to support ISOs throughout their life cycle, from startups to high growth and established organizations.


Whether our partners are just starting or a seasoned pro, we treat each one equally – the service they receive is unwavering, regardless of size. We position them to sell merchant services.


For newer ISOs, the conversation begins with an industry overview and all its nuances. It also involves where to source your sales talent, what commission structure makes sense at this stage, and how to nurture your growing book of business.


For those in growth mode, it can include helping you define your pricing strategy and sales targets. A critical part of that is forecasting between what will pay off and which ideas are non-starters (i.e. flat rate, low ticket business models).


Some of our favorite partner success stories happen at this stage. We focus on what will work for you which isn’t always aligned with what our partners want to hear. That candor and perspective is one of the most valuable services we bring to the table. It really pays off when we see a partner’s initial disappointment give way to spikes in their production. That’s all the proof they need to realize we’re the real deal.


For established ISOs selling merchant services, our team provides ongoing operational support, working on your behalf with card brands, making sure new applications move efficiently through underwriting, and keeping your sales teams in the know on new products they can sell.


Our model works for two reasons:


  • We’ve walked in your shoes. As former business owners, direct merchant services salespeople, and payments industry insiders, we can recommend sound business decisions for your ISO because we’ve lived and breathed this environment our entire careers.
  • Our success is contingent on yours – seriously. We are measured in direct correlation to how well your ISO performs against its future growth targets. You’ll find no unit more motivated to help your merchant services ISO grow than First American’s Client Relations and Agent Support team.


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