The cloud is taking over almost all forms of technology, and point-of-sale systems are no exception. An especially convenient feature of cloud-based payment systems is the mobility they provide. POS systems are no longer exclusively electronic cash registers at the end of a checkout line. Now, merchants can use third-party applications on iPads and smartphones to process payments, meaning a POS system can work just as well at a county fair as it does at a grocery store. This new emerging technology is called mobile point-of-sale systems, and they are providing more opportunities to a wider variety of business types.


The expanding need for mPOS
Several factors are dictating the assimilation of mobile point-of-sale systems into the market, including the need to give small and midsized businesses a chance to succeed and to keep up with the advancement of technology. Connecting to the cloud certainly levels the playing field for small businesses in a world formally controlled by larger enterprises. According to The Next Web, the price of advanced technology was only affordable to big companies. SMBs have both budget and resource limits that inhibited them from using all mobile technology had to offer. With the cloud, companies can pick and choose their resources, allowing them to only pay for what they use. mPOS systems provide a gateway to the cloud, allowing SMBs to have access to the same tools as larger enterprises.


Knowing this information, we have decided to partner with Nobly to provide our customers with the cloud-based solutions they'll need. We feel that Nobly's experience accepting EMV in Europe gives us a firmer foundation on EMV terminals with limited errors. Therefore, the transition into EMV chip-card based payments will be made much smoother for both merchants and customers.


Offering more to the customer
The bottom line of businesses is to make sales, and that involves catering to the customer.  Plans for mPOS systems include adding pre-ordering and payment features, loyalty and coupon perks and drive-through options that accept EMV. Creating a variety of payment options and demonstrating customer appreciation is necessary to cultivating those important customer relationships. With these planned features, putting the customer first is easier than ever.