Managing and running a salon business is hard work. In today’s competitive beauty marketplace, salons have to find new and innovative ways to stay competitive while providing excellent customer service to maintain and build clientele. When it comes to payment acceptance, salons need to make sure they have a variety of solutions in place that allows them to accept multiple payment options.


What are some of the main payment solutions salons should incorporate?


POS Solutions

Cost effective point-of-sale (POS) solutions are imperative in today’s fast-paced payment environment. A cloud-based POS solution is one example that provides payment and business management functionality all in one system. With a cloud-based POS solution, salon employees can easily and efficiently process multiple payments including EMV, mobile payments, cash, check, and gift cards.


Even better, newer, cloud-based POS solutions contain the latest security built in to protect a salon and their customer’s credit card data from potential threats. Since data breaches and instances of fraud are a continuing issue, an updated cloud-POS solution could help prevent such threats from even occurring, keeping a salon as well as their customers safe.


Other features include inventory management, employee time clocks, and cash management solutions – all which can streamline a salon’s business. In addition, salon owners can manage all the above functions away from the store via a smartphone or computer and keep track of their salon functions at home, on vacation, or on the go.


Mobile Payments

Nowadays, many salons are made up of individual suites that stylists can rent and manage their own business. For many stylists, the cost of buying or renting a POS solution wouldn’t be feasible. That’s where mobile payments can come in handy. A mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution allows stylists to use their mobile device to swipe cards, receive authorizations, capture signatures, and email receipts. The good news is mPOS solutions are less expensive than traditional POS systems and allow stylists to accept payments anywhere, on the go, making it an ideal and convenient solution for payment acceptance.



Adding EMV payment solutions is critical for salon owners. With EMV technology now in effect, any merchant who lacks EMV-capable solutions and unknowingly processes a fraudulent credit card will assume full responsibility for the fines and costs associated with the fraud. Salons who still lack EMV-capable solutions should look into upgrading their payment solutions and terminals as soon as possible to not only keep their business safe from potential threats, but also their customers.


Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Want to get your clients back into your salon and become repeated long-term customers? Offering gift cards and loyalty programs are a great way to do so. Gift card recipients usually spend more than the full value of the card and many times make multiple purchases with their card. A gift card also showcases the name of a salon and logo, which help grow a salon’s business and market their company and services to those who may not be familiar with the salon.


On a similar note, loyalty programs entice customers to return to a salon through promotions or special offers, which ultimately helps boost repeated business and incent loyalty. Salons can combine a loyalty program within their business strategy for continued customer service and additional marketing efforts.


Salons need to have comprehensive payment solutions in order to have long-term success. By incorporating POS solutions, mobile payments, EMV technology, and gift cards and loyalty programs, salons will be able to outlast their competition and increase their overall revenue over time.