Where point-of-sale meets business intelligence


While there is no shortage of POS payment technology systems on the market, many reflect a one size fits all approach, leaving a wide swath of restaurateurs and retail operators underserved. That’s untapped market share primed for the taking, particularly for the ISO offering a point of sale system tailor made for these business types.


Enter 1stPayPOS Pro, payment technology developed specifically to help these verticals manage daily operations.


From the traditional point of sale features you’d expect, to the capabilities that have long been on these business owner wish lists, it’s all here within 1stPayPOS Pro payment services technology.


Helping frontline staff expedite orders and sales

Though the pain points may differ slightly depending on the prospect, any business owner you sit in front of will know exactly which parts of their business involve manual processes. They also understand that these processes carry an expensive overhead cost.


1stPayPOS Pro payment technology was built with these scenarios in mind; it includes modifiers to accommodate even the most complex of transactions.


In a food or beverage service environment, that includes everything from capturing a precisely detailed menu order to closing out a large party wanting to split the bill seven different ways during Tax Free Restaurant Appreciation Week (you get the idea).


Accepting traditional and emerging payment technology methods easily

From cash and credit to contactless payments, 1stPayPOS Pro payment technology makes it easy to let customers pay the way they want.


EMV chip card, pin debit card payments, and contactless payments (Android Pay™, Apple Pay, and Google Pay) are automatically integrated into the overall POS system.


These features form the foundation of what distinguishes 1stPayPOS Pro payment services technology from being just another point of sale offering.

Giving business owners precise insight, anytime anywhere

Populated by transaction data in real time, 1stPayPOS Pro payment services technology gives business owners immediate insight into the indicators they most care about.


This information encompasses everything from total sales, broken out by discounts, tax, and adjustments, to activity parsed out by physical location and payment method used, and that’s only scratching the surface.


These are not reports for report’s sake.


They are payment technology tools to help your prospects assess the overall health of their business, and to inform critical decisions including location expansion/closure, operating hours, staffing needs, pricing strategies, and inventory mix.


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