Are you a retailer looking for new ways to improve the customer experience of your store? If so, look no further. For many retailers, standing out amongst a crowd of competitors can be difficult to achieve. In order for your retail business to succeed, it is critical to come up with original and innovative ways to gain new business and retain customers long-term.


Follow these tips from our Q&A that can help you as a retailer improve your retail business and enhance the customer experience you can provide:


Q: How can I make a great first impression to customers visiting my store in-person?

A: Making a positive first impression is key, and in many instances, can make or break a customer returning to your store in the future. As customers walk into your store, make sure you have at least one employee that is stationed near the entrance who is in charge of greeting customers and asking if they need any help finding anything.


After the initial greeting, it’s important to give customers space to browse and shop on their own. Giving customers privacy and space will make them more comfortable and allow them to shop at their own pace without feeling pressured.


Q: What are some ways to enhance the fitting room experience?

A: Many retailers tend to overlook how to improve the fitting room experience and as a result, lose out on potential profits. Not having a fitting room attendant can cause customers to become frustrated, and sometimes, abandon their purchase completely since they aren’t getting help.


To start, it is important that your retail store has at least one employee working in the fitting room that can assist customers with questions, getting new sizes in clothes, or seeing if the customers need any help while trying on clothes.


Employees can also increase sales by recommending other items for customers to try on and bringing them directly to the fitting room. This is a great way to up-sell products and encourages customers to buy more than what they anticipated.


Q: How can I increase in-store traffic to my store to gain more sales?

A: With many retailers going digital, it is still important to maintain in-store sales and find innovative ways to attract customers in-person. To accomplish this, retailers can offer exclusive in-store only items to lure customers in. One option is to provide limited edition or limited quantity items that can only be bought in-stores. Another idea is to host a release party or open house that has special promotions, such as a giveaway or 2-for-1 deals.


Q: What are some ways my employees can boost customer service?

A: To start, hiring employees that will represent your products and business well is essential. Their work ethic, attitude, and charisma are a direct representation of your store’s culture and brand and can make or break a sale.


In order to help sell your products, it is important that your staff has first hand knowledge and is trained on the products they are selling. Make sure they know where certain products are located within your store and if a customer has a question about a specific product, your employee should know how to answer it on the spot.


Another great idea for clothing retailers is to require employees to dress in the clothes from your business. This not only gives customers a real life example of what your clothes look like on a person, but also allows your employees to self-promote the products by wearing them.


Looking for new and innovative ways to improve the customer experience is something all retailers should do. By following the above tips, your retail business will be able to increase profits and gain new and returning customers to your store.