Every business, regardless of the industry, relies heavily on maintaining customer relationships in order to keep their business successful. Loyalty programs are a great way for merchants to entice customers to shop and return at their store and enhance the customer experience. However, not all merchants are aware of the key benefits a loyalty program can offer. 


The following Q&A provides techniques merchants use for a successful loyalty program: 


Q: What is a loyalty program?
A: A loyalty program is offered by businesses as a reward for customers who make frequent purchases. Loyalty programs may include special discounts or coupons, free merchandise, or advanced access to newly released products. 


Q: Should I charge customers for a loyalty program?
A: No. Most successful loyalty programs provided by businesses do not charge a fee. A customer’s main goal is to save money, not spend more to be enrolled in a program. Having a free enrollment will entice more customers to join and increase customer satisfaction. 


Q: How should I set up enrollment for my loyalty program?
A: Make sure that the process for customers to enroll in a loyalty program is quick and easy. Requiring just the customer’s phone number to enroll is a great example, as it is limited information the customer has to provide to get signed up. Be sure and give customer’s the option to enroll in-store, online, or on the go. 


Q: What are creative ways to involve customers?
A: Having a loyalty program that is engaging, fun, and unique is key so customers stay interested and enrolled. Door busters, social media campaigns, and free prizes for initial enrollment are all examples that retain and keep customers involved.  


Q: How should I communicate with customers?
A: Provide an option for customers to choose which method of communication they prefer to receive offers, such as text message or e-mail. It is important to respect customer preferences; otherwise they may opt-out of receiving further communication and leave a loyalty program. 


Q: Should I track and analyze my loyalty program data?
A: Yes. Evaluating specific loyalty program data will provide details on how well a program is performing. One way to do this is by measuring certain campaigns and taking note of how many purchases and visits resulted from the loyalty program. Another suggestion is to measure the frequency of visits of customers due to a specific loyalty offer. 


Offering a loyalty program is a great way to attract new customers and gain repeated business. By integrating a loyalty program, businesses can increase their profits, boost customer service, and gather important data regarding the shopping habits of their customers.