Visa Checkout has become an increasingly prominent online payment service that has been gaining worldwide recognition. Recently celebrating its first birthday, many consumers are now registering online to use it. 


Here is an informative Q&A to help explain what Visa Checkout is: 


Q: What is Visa Checkout?
A: Visa Checkout was created by Visa and is an online checkout service that gives customers the ability to make purchases online via their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Upon checking out, customers only have to enter in a username and password - as their personal information such as their address and card number are stored in a secure account and do not have to be re-entered at checkout. Visa Checkout is beneficial in the aspect that customers can use all major debit and credit card brands with their system. 


Q: Where is Visa Checkout accepted?
A: Visa Checkout is currently offered at over a quarter million businesses worldwide  – including major brands such as Barnes & Noble, Taco Bell, Best Buy, Under Armour, Neiman Marcus, and Old Navy. 


“We’re thrilled to partner with some of the largest merchants on the Web. In a little over a year since we launched the service, the response we’ve seen from both merchants and consumers has been overwhelmingly positive. And the momentum continues at a high level as we see acceptance and enrollments grow on a global scale,” spoke Visa’s CMO and Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Chris Curtin. 


Q: How has Visa Checkout been successful thus far?
A: Visa Checkout has proven to be very effective since starting and is continuing to grow. Here are some great statistics to support:


  • Within the past year, over six million users have registered to use Visa Checkout.
  • Over 16 countries accept Visa Checkout – including Mexico, Canada, China, Australia, Brazil, and the United States.
  • Over 330 financial institution partners receive Visa Checkout around the world 


Q: How is Visa Checkout secure?
A: Visa Checkout offers the highest levels of advanced security of protection by using standard encryption and multilayer authentication for a Visa Checkout account. 


Q: Why is Visa Checkout a good solution for consumers?
A: When making a purchase, consumers do not have to enter in their billing/shipping information or their card number and can simply log in and check out, making the transaction time considerably shorter. According to a study by comSource, checkout times were proven to be 22 percent faster on average. 


Likewise, Visa Checkout is the perfect e-commerce solution for consumers who do the majority of their shopping via their mobile devices or online. “The many advantages of Visa Checkout — including single sign-in, zero liability, and the speed, ease and security — truly appeal to consumers,” Curtin remarked.   


Visa Checkout has established itself this past year as a recognized and supported e-commerce solution for payments. With an easy enrollment set up and convenience factor for a quick check out, it is a prime service for consumers who want a hassle free solution to make payments. Visa Checkout will surely continue to grow and be a vital payment service in the e-commerce environment.