Perhaps the busiest time of the year for shopping is the holiday season. Most retailers have sales and promotions to attract the busy holiday shopper who is on the hunt for the best bargain possible. With all the commotion, it can be difficult for a small business to stand out from the crowd and find techniques to grab the attention of shoppers.


So what can small businesses do to differentiate themselves from their competition?



To start, small businesses need to get in the holiday spirit and transform the look and feel of their store by decorating with holiday décor. Filling your store with festive decorations and having a window display will attract shoppers walking by. Hanging up lights, holiday wreaths, and holiday props are all eye-catching decorations that will captivate shoppers.


Offer Perks

Shoppers are always looking for specials when it comes to purchases, and the holidays are the perfect time for small businesses to offer incentives. Many retailers offer a doorbuster deal for a limited time at the holidays. Doorbusters are a perfect way to entice shoppers to buy specific products that are on sale and encourages them to shop around to see what else a store has to offer. Other perks a small business can provide include guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve, free gift-wrapping, and free shipping on all products.


Provide In-Store and Online Discounts

Not all shoppers want to deal with the busy crowds in-stores and would rather buy items online in the peace and quiet of their home. Offering discounts through a variety of outlets, including online, accommodates those shoppers who prefer digital shopping over face-to-face.


However, small businesses should still offer select discounted items that are only available in-stores. This will guarantee a certain amount of in-store traffic and will encourage shoppers to physically visit your store, raising the chances of shoppers possibly buying more items than anticipated.


Implement a Loyalty Program

Looking to attract shoppers not only during the holiday season, but also year-round? Then, implement a loyalty program. Loyalty programs increase repeat customers for small businesses while rewarding shoppers with a variety of incentives. Implementing a loyalty program rewards shoppers for the items they purchase, while enticing them to come back and shop so they can continue receiving future discounts. As a result, small businesses that utilize a loyalty program will gain additional revenue over time.


Connect on Social Media

Small businesses can connect with shoppers during the holidays via social media. With the help of social media, small businesses can promote in-store or online discounts to make shoppers aware of what’s happening in their store. Social media also allows small businesses to posts relevant content about their business – blog posts, infographics, and videos are all great ways examples of content that captivate shoppers.


The holiday season can be a stressful and chaotic time for small businesses. As a result, small businesses may forget to use the holidays to their advantage to attract new shoppers. To stay focused, small businesses can experience a seamless holiday season and gain the attention of shoppers by decorating their store, offering perks, providing both in-store and online discounts, implementing a loyalty program, and connecting with shoppers on social media.