If you’re a small business retailer, then it’s time to get prepared for Small Business Saturday. Coming up on November 26th, Small Business Saturday is a day during the holiday season that was created to promote local businesses and to encourage shoppers to Shop Small®. To have a successful Small Business Saturday, it’s important for small business owners to have the appropriate sales and marketing techniques in place to help spread awareness of their business.


Let’s take a further look at some of the main ways small business owners can guarantee a successful Small Business Saturday:



The first thing you as a business owner should do is promote that your business is participating in Small Business Saturday. Hanging a sign in front of your store window is a great way to get the attention of foot traffic. It’s also important that you advertise your participation online. Posting a banner on your website and mentioning on your social media pages by using hashtags, such as #ShopSmall and #SmallBizSat, will attract digital shoppers as well. To gain additional digital marketing materials, small business owners should take advantage of the promotional flyers, free guides, and banners on the American Express website.


Develop a Strategy

It’s important to develop a strategy and come up with a plan on the specific goals you want to accomplish. Figure out the top priorities for your small business; is it increasing awareness of your company, increasing sales, or getting more in-store traffic? After you decide which goals you want achieve, decide how you plan to hit these goals and what solutions you have available to help you achieve them.


Offer Incentives

How can you differentiate your small business from others on Small Business Saturday? Offering incentives is a major perk. Come up with a special offer or discount to attract shoppers to your store and a few weeks prior to Small Business Saturday, begin promoting your special(s). Such incentives could be a small gift for spending $50 or more, free gift-wrapping, or 20% off a specific item in-stores.


On the day of, grab the attention of shoppers by playing music outside your store. You could also set up a small table at the front with snacks or refreshments and have a staff member greet shoppers.


Involve Staff

Make sure your staff is informed in advance on what Small Business Saturday is and the date it occurs. Your staff is a crucial part of the overall customer experience, as they can inform shoppers on special promotions or discounts happening on Small Business Saturday in your store. It’s also important to encourage your staff to upsell certain products at checkout to gain additional revenue. Upselling is a great way to encourage shoppers to buy more items upon checking out.


Show Gratitude

Show your shoppers you appreciate that that they supported your business on Small Business Saturday. One way to do this is by handing out a coupon for shoppers to use for 15% off any future purchase. This will encourage shoppers to come back and shop again at your store and to become loyal customers. Be sure to also thank your shoppers on your social media pages the day after, thanking them for supporting your business on Small Business Saturday.


Small Business Saturday has proven to be a successful way to get shoppers to Shop Small®. By having the right tools in place, small business owners everywhere can attract new business and have a prosperous experience for their store.