One of the main priorities for small business owners is making sure their store maintains an efficient checkout experience. Most customers in today’s world are always in a hurry and having a slow checkout line could change their opinion of returning to a store for future purchases. With online shopping becoming more prominent and most businesses now selling their products online, many small business owners are not fully aware of how they can streamline their online checkout experience. 


Here are the top 3 ways small businesses can improve the online checkout process: 


1. Reduce Input Fields
Customers who have to fill out multiple input fields in order to purchase a product will become frustrated and could ultimately abandon the online shopping cart.  A study conducted by Econsultancy revealed that 36.75% of consumers did not finish buying a product online because the process took too long.


Small businesses need to make sure that their online checkout process is streamlined, making it easy and quick for customers to complete a purchase. Eliminating unnecessary fields will increase the likelihood a customer will end up buying a product online and will also continue shopping online in the future due to the easy ordering process. 


2. Work with a Reputable Payments Processor
There are many payment processors out there, but it is vital to partner with a reputable and reliable merchant payment processor who can assist with secure and streamlined online shopping/e-commerce products. With online breaches and security threats continuing to be a pressing issue, the demand for high-quality web protection has been needed more than ever. It is imperative for merchants using an online checkout to work with a payments processor who can provide protection against cyber crime to further safeguard their business. 


3. Use a Billing Support Solution
In order to keep past transactions organized, it is important for small business owners to invest in a billing support solution that can automate receipts and organize accounting matters. Using a billing support solution will not only aid in preventing mistakes that could be made by manual error but also help with decreasing chargeback rates and keeping receipts stored digitally in case they need to be pulled for customers. 


Making an online checkout experience a positive one can be a struggle for most small business owners, as the majority of their involvement comes from in-store interaction. However, with most businesses now selling products on their websites and allowing customers to buy products online, small business owners need to become educated on the best ways to enhance the online checkout process. By reducing input fields, working with a reputable payments processor, and investing in a billing support solution, small business owners will be well on their way to starting a successful online experience.