When running a restaurant it's likely that you or an assigned employee will spend a lot of time training new employees. Restaurants experience high turnover making the necessity of an efficient training program crucial. The quicker you are able to train new employees how to use your POS system, the more you're able to sell. Selling more helps increase your bottom line. Training needs to be short and sweet, but also effective, which is why restaurants need easy-to-use POS systems.


Employee turnover facts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both the number of job openings and the number of layoffs and other separations increased in 2014. The annual hire rates for the accommodation and food service sector jumped from 66 percent in 2013 to 69.4 in 2014.


These numbers are a significant increase from those seen during the more challenging economic times, like in 2010 when the sector experienced a 56.6 percent turnover rate, separate data from the National Restaurant Association reveals. The economic environment was constantly changing, and workers did not want to quit their restaurant jobs and risk not finding another one. Now that the U.S. dollar is getting stronger, there are more employment opportunities available, and restaurants are expected to see higher turnover rates.


Citing Gourmet Marketing's Matthew Sonnesheim, Arizona news source AZCentral explains that a 50 percent turnover rate in restaurants will make it more difficult for the business to maintain quality. In 2013, the industry turnover rate was 62.6 percent, meaning that restaurants are no stranger to these challenges.  


Effective training strategies
One of the best ways to adjust employees to the methods of your restaurant is to use the POS system itself as a training tool. This way, new hires can practice entering orders into the POS system all the way to the final step without actually having those orders go through to the kitchen. By using realistic training, employees can more quickly understand the ins and outs of the process with minimal errors.


Keeping training consistent along a restaurant chain is important for holding the entire company on the same page. If an employee needs to be transferred to a different location, they will only require minimal training since POS system use was already covered during their initial hiring process.


Additionally, your new employee might experience issues with the POS system that tenured employees have long forgotten about. The POS system's company should be available 24/7 to answer questions for your restaurant. That is why we at First American offer 1stPayPOS.com for our POS system to make sure anyone that is using our software has the answers they need always accessible.