Keeping customers satisfied is an integral element to boosting a business's bottom line. The happier customers are, they more likely they are to return, which increases a retail store's chance of making a sale.


Customer loyalty programs
According to a study by InReality, 81 percent of shoppers consider promotions and discounts to be the main determining factor in purchase decisions. Merchants can tap into this patron preference with a customer loyalty program. Many updated point-of-sale (POS) systems have built-in customer loyalty program capabilities. Now, retailers can effortlessly give customers what they want along with a reason to keep coming back.


In store Wi-Fi
According to Small Business Trends, some retailers fear that shoppers will use the internet on their smartphones to look up competitor's prices for comparison. While that is one of the reasons patrons use their phones, it's not the only one. In fact, they often use smartphones to take pictures of products and look up online coupons. Neglecting to install a strong Wi-Fi connection in a retail store isn't going to deter customers from comparing prices. However, it will frustrate shoppers if they can't access the Internet. To keep customers satisfied and create a stress-free environment in the store, merchants should allow access to Wi-Fi.


In addition to giving patrons what they want, giving employees access to Wi-Fi allows them to utilize smartphones and tablets, granting them complete access to inventory at the touch of their fingers. This way, they can answer customer questions efficiently.


Hassle-free payments
Shoppers have enough to worry about without carrying around bulky wallets stuffed with receipts and cash. Merchants can solve this problem for customers by integrating an effective point-of-sale terminal in their stores. Customers will be able to pay with cash, cards or make an NFC transaction with their smartphones when retailers have an updated POS system. Accepting multiple forms of payment can ultimately lead to more sales, and it will also give customers the experience they're looking for. Additionally, the cutting-edge POS terminals allow merchants to text, email or print receipts, so patrons don't have to deal with overfilled wallets. 


Personalized experience
Customers are no longer satisfied with being just another shopper - they want the retail experience to be catered to their needs. Retail stores must deliver high-quality, one-of-a-kind service for their patrons in order to keep up with competition. To make this happen, merchants must know what the customers want, and that can only be done with data analytics. Upgraded POS terminals allow businesses to track peak selling times and which products are making sales. Businesses can make these popular items readily available for customers with effective visual merchandising strategies. For example, retailers can place the most-bought items on displays right at the front of the store, so customers don't have to go looking through the aisles. Shoppers will appreciate the customized convenience, and retailers can boost their sales. 


Additionally, small businesses can use data analytics to revamp their marketing strategy. By promoting popular items on advertisement mailings, merchants can attract customers before they even see the store. 


Excellent customer service
A good customer service program captures all of the elements of convenience and personalization shoppers are looking for, but that has to be provided in more ways than updated technology. The staff also needs to be friendly and welcoming to make the experience one shoppers want to come back to. Businesses should have their sales team greet customers as soon as they walk through the doors, and send them off with a friendly goodbye. Merchants should also keep their teams up-to-date on data analytics, so they can anticipate what kinds of questions patrons will ask. This way, they'll be ready to make the shopping process smooth and convenient.