Investing in technology is key to payment innovation. Many of the recent payment developments including mobile payments and biometrics have pushed the payments industry into a new era of technology. Is your provider or partner delivering advanced payment technology? If not, you might be with the wrong payments company.


These days, it's easy to see how technology is impacting multiple businesses and how they deliver products to their customers. Take Amazon for example. Amazon has built their business strictly on technology and innovation. The company that once sold only books now sells almost any product you could think of and gets it to you fast. Need an order next day or same day? No problem - Amazon will get it to you using their advanced distribution infrastructure.  Soon, you might see Amazon Go retail stores allowing you to walk in, pick up a product and and walk right out without stopping at a counter to pay. 


At First American, our overarching strategy is to build our payments solutions with the most advanced and secure technology. We have recently introduced the tagline "Technology Driven Payments." That's who we are and how we operate at our core. We have made significant investments in upgrading and securing our platform allowing for continued payment innovation and the ability to scale quickly.



So what do we consider Technology Driven Payments? Here are some examples:

  1. Frictionless Payments Our payment technology allows for payments to be smooth, quick and secure without any issue or delay. Our partners and merchants should be processing payments without even thinking about it. The end customer should walk away with a positive customer experience without any payment delays or issues. Payments should compliment a business, not be a source of frustration.
  2. Robust Payment Platform Our secure platform is built with the ability to scale. As we serve more partners and merchants, our platform accommodates additional payment volume without any interruption. We have invested significantly in our platform to ensure it can grow as we grow and as our merchants and partners grow. In addition, we have built it with security in mind. All of our products and solutions include the latest security methods giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to cardholder data.
  3. Payment Solutions Customized by Business Need Our technology allows us to customize our solutions by vertical or business need. Many payment providers can offer you a one size fits all approach. At First American, we know the importance of servicing our government clients with specific government payment solutions and servicing our restaurants with specific restaurant payment solutions. The same holds true for software developers, healthcare, retail, nonprofits, service businesses, etc. We could go on and on by vertical but as we continue to offer numerous integrated and semi-integrated payment solutions, the need for customization is key to our merchant's and partner's success. 

As we move into the remainder of 2017, our focus is on continuing to invest in our payment technology so that your business can grow with our solutions. If you are looking for Technology Driven Payments, look no further. First American has your business covered.