Simplified checkout is just the start


The finding that digital payment consumers spend 10 times more[1] than their peers has merchants everywhere asking the same question: “How can I capture my share of that spend?”


Simply stated, make it as easy as possible on your customer.


“Masterpass is rapidly gaining traction as a form of payment acceptance, making it a timely addition to First American’s 1stPay platform,” said Mike Lawrence, EVP and CIO, First American. “This addition is yet another example of our mission to drive enhanced payment technologies at the point of purchase.”


More than a dozen household brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and Office Depot have already tapped into the lucrative growth potential of this category, courtesy of Masterpass. There are currently over 40,000 merchants of all sizes accepting payments via Masterpass.


Originally developed and launched by Mastercard in 2013 with an updated version launched in 2016, First American quickly integrated the digital payment software within its 1stPay Platform.


The move is providing immediate solid returns for partners of First American, who cite the service’s expedited checkout as well as the access to an efficient and friendly First American integration team who can help walk merchants through each step of the onboarding and implementation process.

3 Reasons Merchants are Choosing Masterpass:


More than 130 banks of all sizes already offer Masterpass to their customers, paving the way for merchants to appeal to an audience already primed for the service.


To find out more about what Masterpass can do for your business, contact us.




1 Mastercard Advisors “Embracing Digital Payments to Influence Cardholder Behavior and Issuer Loyalty.” August 2015.