Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are a key component in the success of how a restaurant survives. If your restaurant has an outdated, slower system, it will not only affect the efficiency of the restaurant, but could also cause customers to have a negative customer experience if their wait is long. In an industry that thrives primarily due to fast transaction times and speed of service, it is imperative that you as a restaurant owner make sure that your POS system is up-to-date with the latest technology features to ensure your business is fast and efficient.


Faster Transactions
Using an older POS system that is slow causes frustration for employees, which ultimately leads to unhappy customers. Restaurant owners can fix this problem by operating a modern POS system, which allows “lightening-fast” transaction times in addition to improving productivity for the restaurant overall. By processing more transactions with an updated POS system, restaurants may see growth in sales, as they are able to serve more customers quickly. 


Gather Important Data
Having an advanced POS system makes it much easier for restaurants to view key data such as analyticsand timely reporting, which ultimately saves your business time and money. In the past, restaurant manager’s had to utilize multiple spreadsheets and rely on manual bookkeeping to keep their business organized. Now, managers using new POS systems have the ability to read and print off detailed shift reports and create real time reporting for inventory purposes.


Higher Overall Efficiency
One of the main components restaurant managers are in charge of is making sure their restaurant stays efficient. By investing in a current POS system, managers and servers both can remain organized and resourceful. For example, instead of having to wait to enter in orders at a stationary terminal, severs could instead place orders right from a tablet that is connected to the kitchen printer or enter in orders on a display monitor. This allows servers to spend more time interacting with customers and making sure they have an outstanding customer experience. Likewise, newer POS systems allow pay-at-table processing, in addition to more payment options, than the older models. These capabilities can enable a restaurant to turn over tables quicker and make a huge difference in the amount of money that comes thru the door. 


Here is a great checklist of beneficial features you should consider when shopping for your upgraded restaurant POS system:


  • Flexibility – Be sure to look for a mobile POS system. This will assist in giving your restaurant the “wow” factor by staying current on trends and assist in additional flexibility for servers as it will cut down on a lot of trips back and forth from the POS system to the kitchen.
  • Inventory Management – If you want to be able to modify specials, prices, or menu options within a matter of seconds, this specific software feature will allow you to do just that.
  • Support – When looking to upgrade your POS system, make sure it comes with 24/7 tech support. This will save you and your staff hours of learning how to operate and/or fix any technical issues that many arise in the future.
  • Kitchen connection – This feature will enable orders to be sent to the kitchen printers, saving time and efforts for the staff.
  • Payment processing – Make sure your POS system takes different forms of payment such as cash, card, and checks. With the emergence of EMV technology in October 2015, it would be advisable to also search for a system that is able to take EMV payments as well.
  • Customer relationship management – This feature will allow restaurants to engage with their customers by texting or e-mailing them special offers or deals for your business.
  • Reporting – Make sure the POS system you look into buying allows you to create quick and easy restaurant management reports online 24/7.


It is an economical solution that restaurant owners highly consider upgrading their POS systems. By doing so, they will notice faster transaction times, be able to gather important data quickly, and notice a higher efficiency within their restaurant.