With recent advancements in the digital world, retailers have had to change their business strategy in order to stay up-to-date with the latest forms of technology. The use of mobile technology has made great strides within retail, as more consumers utilize their smartphone to research products in advance as well as in-stores. Since integrated mobile/in-store shopping is becoming the new trend, retailers should make sure that a shopper’s mobile experience is as seamless as a brick-and-mortar in-store experience. 


A recent study conducted by Facebook IQ GfK discussed the usage of mobile and shopping. Let’s take a look at what was revealed: 


  • Almost half of retail shopping activity involves using some form of mobile and 51 percent of consumers looked up a product on their smartphones while they were in-store.
  • Nearly half of millennials are predicted to buy more products on their mobile device this year than in 2015.
  • 60 percent of omnichannel shoppers are expected to purchase more products on their mobile device during 2016.
  • 64 percent of omnichannel shoppers are projected to do more product research on their smartphones.
  • 54 percent of omnichannel shoppers said they were more likely to shop at a retailer that made it easier to buy on several devices.
  • 45 percent of all shopping involves using a mobile device.
  • 57 percent of all shopping that is used with a mobile device is done so by millennials. 


The same study also addressed what retailers need to do to boost sales and increase loyalty: 


Present your brand visually: We are now moving into a more visual world with mobile marketing, where retailers should improve the look and feel of their website. Make sure that your products on your website are visually impactful when viewed on a mobile device and that your site has the optimization to be viewed on a small screen. 


Generate a smooth experience: Integrated offline/online shopping is becoming more prominent, so retailers should make sure that a shopper’s experience online is just as seamless as if they were to shop in-person at a store. 


Give consumers a reason to purchase: Make sure that your site is easy to navigate so shoppers can find what they are looking for. This will help shoppers discover your services and products quicker and entice them to want to follow through with a purchase.


Do not undervalue the power of mobile: Shoppers are now doing everything on the go and want to be able to make purchases at their convenience. Going mobile is an excellent way to reach the tech-savvy and digital shoppers who would prefer to buy products online rather than in-stores. This will lead to an increase of sales for your store and will also boost customer loyalty.


Mobile technology can have a positive impact for retailers and help strengthen their overall business model. With more consumers using their smartphones to research products as well as purchase products, it is essential for retailers to begin incorporating mobile technology to further grow their business.