As a partner, one of the most valuable tools that you can provide to your merchants is one that gives them an opportunity to grow their business organically. Payment technology including reporting software and applications such as FirstView can be used as a tool, and with the data that this reporting software provides, merchants are able to not only monitor their progress and growth, but also harness the power of that data as a sales tool.


This financial data allows merchants to more easily keep an eye on their bottom line and also gives them insight on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the marketing and promotion of their business.

Payment Technology: FirstView

In the ever-evolving world of modern business, there is no doubt that data is king. From discovering consumer trends to keeping a close eye on profit margins, transactional data reporting is considered vital payment technology for merchants.

What Merchants Need to Know About FirstView

New and existing merchant partners of First American will find FirstView’s reporting tool dashboard intuitive and simple to use. They are also able to customize their default settings as well as set custom alerts and run recurring reports on a schedule that best fits their business.


The search and sort functionality allows merchants to view transaction history sorted chronologically, by card number or by other miscellaneous related transaction details. This payment services technology provides a simple and efficient way for merchant partners to view batch reports and analyze their card acceptance mix as well. This sort of data can not only help merchants tailor marketing campaigns to their target audience’s needs, but it can also assist with any transaction-related disputes that may arise.


Monitoring the health and growth of a business is essential to any merchant looking to expand their reach. Reporting software such as FirstView gives merchants the tools to observe the progress of their business in real time and take advantage of opportunities or trends that may present themselves via the data provided.

Payment Reporting Technology On the Go

One of the biggest perks for merchants of real time data reporting software is the fact that they can use it to run reports and analyze data from any place with an internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This, combined with permission-based access capability, means that those who need immediate access to payment data and reports are able to obtain that information quickly and efficiently.


This also includes mobile payment technology access, which is essential for the busy merchant or business decision-maker on the go. This type of round-the-clock reporting technology empowers merchants to more effectively manage their business portfolio and downstream representatives.


Our Payment Technology Makes Analytics Reporting Easy

Analytics are essential to measuring a merchant’s marketing effectiveness and reporting software can be used as an intuitive and accurate analytics resource. It allows merchants to incorporate payment processing data to be used in conjunction with or as a basis for marketing campaigns and promotions.


Software such as FirstView offers merchants the convenience, accuracy and insight to more efficiently run their businesses from anywhere, at any time. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, this kind of tool ensures that no merchant’s payment reporting data needs are left behind.


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